How to enable Dark Mode in Facebook Lite App

Every major App and social media websites are rolling-out the new Night Mode these days. Facebook recently released it Dark Mode for Lite App. We saw the company testing it for main Android App in August, and on Desktop UI in October but still the option isn’t yet available for public.

Now it seems like Facebook is finally ready to release its new feature for everyone, starting with Facebook Lite. This new feature is still yet to be released on other apps too that includes Instagram and WhatsApp.

What is Facebook Lite?

For those who are not familiar with the Lite App, it’s a smaller version of the main Facebook App. The total space required to install the application is around 1.4 MB which is 96.80% less in size comparing to the standard app. After installation, the app takes about 10 MB to 100 MB for Facebook Lite cache, depending on your use.

How to enable Dark Mode in Facebook Lite?

To enable the Night or Dark Mode, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Update and Launch

    First you need to update the App via Play Store or App Store, and launch the Facebook Lite.
    Launch Lite App

  2. Click on Menu

    Click on the Hamburger icon on the right side under the camera icon to access the menu.
    Click Hamburger Menu on Lite App

  3. Find the Dark Mode option

    Swipe-up to see the Dark Mode option, you will find it under Settings.
    Swipe up to find the Dark Mode Toggle button

  4. Activate

    Tap on the toggle button to activate the Dark Theme.
    Activate Facebook Dark Mode

  5. Done

    You will see your app turns Black, 😊 Enjoy!
    LookGadgets Page in Dark Mode on Facebook Lite App

Where to Download the Lite App?

You can download the Facebook Lite App from Play Store if you are using Android phone. The iPhone users can install the application from Apple App Store. However, if you are using Amazon Fire tablet, you can find it on Amazon AppStore.

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