How to Use IGTV (Instagram TV)?

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You probably heard about the newly launched feature and App of Instagram. Instagram launched the new IGTV App & feature which allows the content creators to upload up to 1-hour videos and make money like on YouTube. However, it isn’t just limited to YouTubers only, anyone can create his or her channel on Instagram TV. You can access this new feature directly from Instagram App or install a stand-alone app from your Play Store on Andriod or App Store on your iOS devices.

Kevin Systrom announcing IGTV on Instagram TV launch event.
CEO and Co-founder of Instagram, Kevin Systrom.

What is Instagram TV?

Of course, this is the first question that comes into your mind. Well, it is an application just like YouTube which allows users to create their own channel and upload their video contents. Most importantly it allows you to become a Social Media Star. For now, you can only get views and followers. Unlike Instagram, it is not limited to 1-minute videos you can upload up to 1-hour video.

How to Download IGTV App?

If you are already a user and you have Instagram App installed in your smartphone; then you can see a TV icon (on top) next to the paper airplane. You can use right away by clicking on it. However, you can also download a standalone app for your Instagram TV.

To download standalone App on Android:

  1. Launch your Play Store
  2. On the search bar search for “IGTV“.
  3. Click on IGTV icon.
  4. Click on “Install” button.
  5. Launch the App on your Android.

To download App on iOS or iPhone:

  1. Launch your App Store on your iOS device or iPhone
  2. On the search bar search for “IGTV”.
  3. Click on “IGTV”.
  4. Click on “Install” button, that’s it.
  5. Now Launch the App on your iOS or iPhone.

How to Use IGTV?

Instagram TV is not same as YouTube. You can’t watch videos on your Laptop of PC with an Instagram account. When it first announced as YouTube rival we thought it will be open for guests and you don’t need a account to watch videos. However, this is not the case, the YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. There’s is no way Facebook or Instagram is going to beat or can challenge the Google.

The IGTV is still growing and creators from YouTube and Facebook are struggling to get views on Instagram TV. Here are the few frequently asked questions from users on how to use IGTV and how to get high views.

How to watch Videos on Instagram TV?

Watching videos from content creators on IGTV isn’t a big mystery. Just click on the TV icon next to the paper plane icon that is located in the top right corner of your Instagram App, or you can launch TV App if you have already installed it on your Smartphone. After launching the App or clicking on TV icon, you will see all the Video contents that are already uploaded on Instagram TV by your favorite creators.

How to Create Channel on IGTV?

Creating channel is just as simple as watching contents on Instagram TV. After launching the TV on your Instagram, click on the gear icon on the right-middle corner of the screen and tap on create channel button.

How to upload to IGTV?

After creating your channel, click on your display picture right next to the search bar on IGTV. Here you can click on Upload Video. For more check out the GIF image below:

GIF of LookGadgets Instagram Account
GIF of LookGadgets Instagram Account

How to make Money from Instagram TV?

Meanwhile, there will be no Advertisement or sponsors. However, Instagram is planning to share revenue just like YouTube but in the future. Yet, there is no update on when and how Instagram is starting the revenue share program.

Can I use or login IGTV Web?

Yes, you can use the Instagram TV on web browser to watch videos. However, you currently feature to upload videos via web is unavailable. We believe it will be available in the near future or maybe not.

What the size of IGTV videos?

The standard IGTV video size is 1080 x 1920 but you upload in other sizes too. However, your video will be stretched and your viewer will not be able to watch the video correctly.

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