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Revealing some great news for Indian Android Users. Your Google Assistant can now understand and speak in your native language. Yes, now you can activate your Virtual Assistant by saying “Namaste Google“.

Hello Google Image
Image of Google Assistant

Google just recently rolled-out the latest update of their virtual assistant for Android 6.0 and the new versions of Android that includes, Android 7 and Android 8. This update will soon, be available on iPhone including all other other iOS devices and Android 5.

Google Assistant Hindi Mobile

Your Smart Assistant will work normally like in other languages. All you need to say is “Namaste Google” and your Artificial Intelligence will respond to you. Some common English words can be used along with Hindi, Google Assistant is smart enough to understand it.

How to change your Google Assistant from English to Hindi

I will guide you through two different ways to change your virtual assistant language from English to Hindi. If you are an Indian reader you definitely, are curious to try the Hindi version of Google Assistant. So, without further due let’s start.

First Method:

To enable the Hindi Language for Google AI only, without changing the entire language to Hindi, follow the steps below:

  • Go-to your Settings
  • Tap into General Management
  • Tap into Language & Input
  • Now Language
  • Add Language
  • Now add English (Indian)
  • Set the English (Indian) as Primary Language
  • Now launch your Google AI
  • Ask a Question in Hindi

That’s it, this method is simple. You can ask anything in Hindi. I am not sure if this method is working perfectly but the second method to change the language will definitely work.

Second Method:

This method will change the entire language of your smartphone to Hindi. I personally did try this version and it took me time to revert back to English from Hindi.

  • Just launch AI Assistant by saying “Ok Google” or “Hello Google
  • Or you can launch your “Google Search” or “Google Now”
  • Click on the menu button.
  • Now Settings
  • Under Settings click on “Google Assistant”
  • Now “Phone”
  • Under “Voice and Speech” select “Assistant Language
  • Now choose the Hindi language.

This method will change the entire language to Hindi. Check out the original screenshots taken on my personal smartphone.

Screenshot of Hindi Google's Assistant
Screenshot of Hindi Settings
Kya Tmhe Hindi Aati Hai

I am not a Hindi language speaker, but as far as in my information this new language supports all the features of Google including Assistant and Allo.

To test if the language was working or not, I got help from one of my Indian friends. He asked me to try these words: “India ki sabse badi Website” which means the biggest websites of India and my virtual assistant came up with some results mostly blog posts with top 10 lists. I am not sure the results were correct or not but the Hindi language works perfectly.

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