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The Information we provide on this site is only for general purposes. We on … are the owner of this information, and we promise to keep it up to date. However, we do not assure you that it is correct, useful, accurate and complete. Thus, the reliability of this information is at your own risk. Furthermore, there are links to and from this website. However, we do not have anything to do with the correctness of the information on these websites. There are special efforts to ensure the smooth running of this website at all times. Yet, we are not responsible for any technical issues. That is, those that may lead to temporal unavailability of this website.


LookGadgets.com will not be responsible for any loss. Including those that arise from the unavailability of some information on the website. This law applies even when there had been either written or oral notice earlier.


LookGadgets.com does not guarantee that its materials are error free. Thus, it may contain some typographical or technical errors. We reserve the right to make revisions to the website contents. However, we do not owe you any prior notice to these revisions. But, we are not under any obligation to make revisions to the contents of our website.


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LookGadgets.com may change the terms of use of this website. However, LookGadgets.com does not owe it to anyone to give prior notice before modification. All the users are bound by the terms of use, whether they read it or not.


The law of the State of LookGadgets.com rules all the activities on the site, irrespective of the position of the conflict of law.