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Dell Alienware S5000 Review

Alienware S5000 Gaming Chair Review

You may have heard about Alienware when it comes to Gaming Laptops, but they are also in Gaming Chairs business. The Alienware S5000 may not be the perfect chair but it’s easy to assemble and has a nice stylish design for $399. The chair … Read More →

Best Wi-Fi 6 Routers of 2019

Best Wi-Fi 6 AX Routers 2019 Reviews

If you are into technology then you must have heard about Wi-Fi 6 routers. This is the latest 802.11ax wireless communication standard that everyone in-the-know is talking about. WiFi 6, also known as AX Wi-Fi, is every Internet user’s … Read More →

The best kids smartwatch

The Best Smartwatch for Kids in 2019

A few years ago, the kids smartwatch would be considered an extravagance. Why would a child under the age of 17, possibly need a smart watch with features like GPS and two-way communication? That sounds straight out of Spy Kids. Cut … Read More →