Best Surface Duo Accessories in 2022

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Do you want to make the most out of your first gen Microsoft Surface Duo? If so, it’s time to take a look at some of the best Surface Duo accessories that will bolster the overall experience for you. These accessories will help you approach a whole other level of mobile productivity on dual-screen phone.

So if you are the kind of person who is willing to spend a little extra to add value to his/her phone then stick with us till the end.

List of Must-Have Surface Duo Accessories

Here are 15 of the best accessories for Surface Duo which I believe every owner should consider purchasing before using the gadget.

Microsoft Surface Duo Bumper

The Microsoft Surface Duo Bumper is one of the best accessory to invest in. It gives your phone a protective layer around the edges and keep it safe from any bumps, scratches or drops. There’s a proper rubberized strip around the silicone case to specifically protect the edges. Moreover, its design is perfect for the 360 hinged setup of the Duo. You can use your phone in any posture as the Duo Bumper provides a lot of flexibility.

The design is totally in accordance with the dual-screen phone you have, and you also get to easily access all the controls on the edges, including the USB-C port. What’s best is that the Bumper Case is compatible with sleeves from 3rd-party brands. Check-out our topic on the best Surface Duo Cases and Sleeves for more.

Surface Earbud

Do you want the experience of an immersive, rich omnisonic sound? If yes then the Surface Earbuds are just the right accessory Microsoft Duo phone. What makes this product even more impressive is the fact that this is the first wireless product by Microsoft that comes with a twist of productivity. The high-end design with a unique shaped disc on top is best for delivering quick and easy access to all the touch controls.

The battery life of these earbuds is even more impressive as it can work for you for 8 hours on a single charge. As far as the compatibility is concerned, these earbuds work with both Android, Windows 10 and iOS operating systems. The intuitive gestures allow the users to touch, tap and swipe, just as they like. In addition to this, you can always easily skip a track, answer calls and adjust the volume without compromising and missing and beat.

Surface Slim Pen

The Microsoft Surface Slim Pen is 136.8mm long with a thickness of 11.3mm by 6.3mm. What makes this stylus different from others is that it comes with a wireless cradle for you to charge it. A single charge can work for you for at least 15 hours straight. It’s the very first and the only rechargeable pen by Microsoft which is why you can expect some impressive functioning from it.

In addition to this, the pressure sensitivity of the stylus is just exceptionally good. So if you want to sketch, write or draw on your Microsoft Duo Phone, the Surface Slim Pen is a must-have accessory. It’s the best item to get your hands on especially for sketching because it features tilting for shading and there’s absolutely no lag that you’ll experience with it.

Zagg InvisibleShield GlassFusion+ for Surface Duo

The Surface Duo Gorilla Glass is indeed strong and reliable enough for the protection of your phone. However, adding an extra shield for extra protection is never a bad idea, especially if you are always on the move. The Zagg InvisibleShield Glass Fusion brings you a total of four covers to protect all of the interior and exterior glass panels of your phone.

When it comes to the protection of your smartphones, ZAGG is one reliable name. The hybrid glass by Zagg is completely durable, and you can always rely on it, especially for your Duo. The company also claims that its glass protection packs antibacterial properties that repel around 99.99% of the surface bacteria.

Microsoft Surface Duo USB-C Power Supply

With the USB-C power supply, you can quickly charge your Surface Duo without any hassle. On the other hand, it’s best for those who are always travelling around because the lack of wireless charging capability can put you in great difficulty. You’ll always have to rely on some physical tether which is quite frustrating when you don’t have one around.

However, with this USB-C cable and wall adapter, there won’t be any such thing to stress about. With this accessory, your in-box charging experience is exceptional as it’s going to bring you ease and convenience.

Moshi QuikDuo Car Charger

The Moshi QuickDuo charger is one of the best Surface Duo accessory for travelers. We’d recommend this device to those who have to travel a lot in their car. At least with QuickDuo Car Charger, you won’t have to stop on every spot to charge your phone.

What makes this charger unique is that it allows you to charge two phones simultaneously. There are two ports, and both work equally well when it comes to providing you with a quick phone charge. Moreover, the design of this charger is compact, and lightweight, so carrying it around won’t be an issue for you.

Surface USB-C to 3.5mm Audio Adapter

Nowadays, USB-C to Audio Jack adapter is a must-have accessory that every one needs. The fact that there’s no headphone jack sported on the Microsoft Duo Phone seems a bit disappointing. But don’t worry because Microsoft hasn’t completely neglected it either. To fix this problem, Microsoft has introduced its very own USB-C Audio adapter so you can connect any analog headphone.

Whether you want to connect headphones or wired earbuds to your Surface Duo in order to attend calls and listen to music, this USB-C audio adapter will do that all for you. Furthermore, you can connect this adapter with any Surface PC that comes with a USB-C port. In short, it’s totally worth your money.

Kensington Belt Holster for Microsoft Surface Duo

Without a doubt, the Kensington Belt Holster is one of the most useful Surface Duo accessory in the market. It’s unique, and it’s useful because, with it, you can always keep your phone by your side. On the other hand, it’s quite rich in features, including a “drop-in” design and proper safety tabs to keep your phone firmly into its place. The latter is more interesting because whether you have the bumper on your phone or not, you can rest assured that it’s safe in its place.

The polycarbonate material used is quite a plus because it’s durable and strong enough to keep your phone protected. Additionally, the design of this belt holster is worth praising because it really does look all stylish, sleek and classy.

HAPPER STUDIO Surface Duo Leather Case

Are you looking for the best and the classiest case for your precious Microsoft Duo Phone? If yes then without giving it a second thought you need to consider this leather case which probably will be the best protective accessory for Surface Duo that you’ll ever buy. We assure you that with this leather case, you’ll be able to give away a powerful statement because it’s professionally hand-stitched and totally worth your attention.

The horse leather that has a buttery texture looks just exceptional and extremely classy. It’s a customizable and personalizable case so you can always add initials, some logo or your name on it.

Surface USB-C to USB-A Adapter

It’s a Male Type-C to Female Type-A adapter that’s specifically used to transfer your data on USB-A flash drive. When you plug in this small port in your Duo phone, it allows you to connect any USB-A device. What makes it even more impressive is the fact that it has a data transfer speed of 10Gbps which is exactly what people want.

The power output it possesses to charge your devices is 2 Amps, and it’s completely safe, so there’s nothing for you to worry about. It’s small and compact in size, therefore, it can easily be plugged onto the end of a USB-C hardware for you to use it whenever in need.

Surface Headphones 2

If you are the kind of person who cannot go a day without listening to music or if you want to enjoy an omnisonic audio experience while watching your favourite show then the Surface Headphones 2 are a must-buy. This undeniably is the perfect accessory that perfectly fits your Microsoft Surface Duo phone.

These headphones feature noise cancellation, which means you won’t have to worry about any unnecessary noise or disturbance around. The battery life of this device is even more impressive, and a single charge can give you 18.5 hours straight without any lag.

Moshi Integra USB-C Cable with Smart LED

The Moshi Integra USB-C Cable is the next best thing to invest your money in. It’s a one reliable charging cable that’s compatible with all USB-C devices. On top of everything else, it has a smart LED lights that tells when your device is completely charged up.

One thing that we are sure about is that investing your hard-earned money on this cable is totally worth it and you won’t be disappointed about it.

Otterbox Surface Duo Theorem Series Case

Worried about scrapes and scratches running your Microsoft Surface Duo?

Put all your such worries to rest with the Otterbox Theorem Series as it’s one of the best and the most durable Duo Phone covers you’ll ever find. This one’s a very thin and versatile case as it can help you hold your phone easily when you are typing. You can use it in different positions for hands-free viewing, and if your phone ever falls accidentally, this cover will protect it and save it from any damage.

Also, the quality of the material used to make this cover is quite top-notch, and the design is quite classy. For all in one convenience, there’s a proper built-in holder for your cards and your Surface Pen. Moreover, you can use this case even when the Surface Duo Bumper is on.

dbrand Microsoft Surface Duo Skins

For the best and the perfect Surface Duo skins, you need to opt for dbrand because this is where you get unparalleled precision with high-quality materials. The vinyl used for the production of Microsoft Duo covers is exceptional in quality as well as the adhesive used; it’s all residue-free.

In a nutshell, if you want to spend your money on something that brings you quality and adds a classiness to your phone, then you should be opting for the dbrand skins and wraps right away. Think about it? A factory custom-fit skin for your Surface Duo? Isn’t it the best way to make the most out of your phone?

Xbox Wireless Controller

Lastly, we have the Xbox Wireless Controller for the gaming geeks out there who want to enjoy an exciting and seamless video game experience on their Surface Duo. Especially with the cloud gaming service launched, this controller will be the best match for your phone. Additionally, the overall design and style of this controller is something you’d definitely fall in love with.

It has an exceptional Bluetooth support system that makes it easy for you to connect and disconnect your controller during your phone sessions. On top of it, the textured grip and the hybrid D-Pad of this controller will bring you enhanced comfort. Since its a Microsoft Xbox Controller, you can connect it with any of your phones, tablets and even your PC.

So, which is the best Accessory for Surface Duo?

These are the best Surface Duo accessories to buy this year. For someone who wants to make the best out of their dual-display phone, these accessories can really come in handy.

However, we’d suggest you at least invest in the Surface Slim Pen and the Bumper Case because both these accessories are important and they really can make a difference for you.

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