Wi-Fi Security Flaw: Billions of devices are affected by Eavesdropping Attacks

A Wi-Fi security flaw discovered by ESET, which disarm the password-protected encryption on wireless networks. The vulnerability is labeled as CVE-2019-15126 and referred to as Kr00k. More than a billion devices, including Amazon Echo and Apple’s iPhone, are affected by the security vulnerability! Allowing hackers to spy on the Wi-Fi traffic.

This allows hackers to decrypt wireless network packets and watch the activity of the internet-connected devices. However, Wi-Fi router manufacturers are rolling-out new security patches to prevent this attack.

What is Kr00k?

Kr00k is a vulnerability that affects any device with Broadcom and Cypress Wi-Fi chips by allowing unauthorized decryption on WPA2-encrypted traffic. Companies that use these chipset includes Apple, Huawei, Samsung, Amazon, ASUS, Google, and other well-known brands. However, the security updates have already been dispatched to fix the security flaw. It is best to make sure your devices have the latest firmware, including your smartphones, tablets, wireless routers, and computers.

What is Kr00k and How it affect Wi-Fi Security?
Image by ESET on How Kr00k works

How bad is it?

There is no need to panic; the only data that is open to the hackers is the websites you are visiting or the messages you are sending. However, a lot of your private communication is safe from eavesdropping because of the encryption on the websites.

How do I Protect my Wi-Fi from Kr00k?

Make sure you have the latest firmware or security patch installed on all your devices, including phones, tablets, laptops, and the latest Wi-Fi routers. Major brands have already released the latest patches and updates, make sure to check your firmware version. For further inquiries, whether or not your devices are open to Kr00k, you need to contact your device manufacturer.

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