Best Cases for Surface Book 3 and Surface Book 2

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The 2020’s Surface Book 3 is one of the popular 2-in-1 convertible laptop by Microsoft. However, there is no noticeable design change as compared to its previous-gen Surface Book 2. Both the SB2 and SB3 are available in 13-inch and 15-inch models with different internal specs. If you are planning to buy or already own this beautifully expensive beast, then we recommend you get some quality accessories, like a protective case or skin cover. However, when it comes to the best Surface Book cases, our options are minimal.

There are not many manufacturers making cases for Microsoft Surface. That’s why we’ve also included Surface Book skins to safeguard your device from getting scratches.

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Best Surface Book Cases in 2022

Choosing a Case for Microsoft Surface Book can be a bit daunting. Not all brands design covers for both the 13-inch and 15-inch models. After hours of research and test, we found these are the best Surface Book 3 cases available right now.

Brand Size
UAG Plasma Series 13.5 Inch Buy Now
TOASTMade Skin Cover 13.5 & 15 Inch Buy Now
iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case 13.5 & 15 Inch Buy Now
Heycase Carrying Case 13.5 & 15 Inch Buy Now
Hongyixun Kickstand Case 13.5 Inch Buy Now
ICARER Leather Case 13.5 Inch Buy Now

UAG Plasma Series

The Best in-class Rugged Case

  • Rugged Protection
  • Keyboard Support
  • Pen Holder
  • Safety Lock
  • Heat Dispersion Vents
  • Expensive
  • Add additional bulk
  • Not available for 15-Inch model

Urban Armor Gear Plasma Series is one of the best Rugged Case with Military Grade Protection. If you are prone to dropping your laptop, this is the perfect Case for your Microsoft Surface Book 3.

It uses super-quality premium material, which makes it an excellent product for Surface Book. UAG Plasma ensures the 360 safety of your laptop even if it falls from a height. Even though it seems like the Case will be extremely heavy, the opposite is true; it is lightweight and highly robust.

What we think about UAG Plasma Series

If you do not want any harm come to your laptop, then this may be your best choice. The UAG Rugged Case comes with complete safety features for tough protection. The top-quality armor shell and resistant bumpers ensure the safety under any circumstances. The dual locks feature allows you to securely close the screen without worrying about anyone gaining access to it. More importantly, it passed the Military drop-test standards.

Note: The Urban Armor Gear Plasma is only available for the 13.5-Inch Surface Book 3 and the Surface Book 2.

TOASTMade Cover

A Real-wood Protective Skin Cover

  • Real Wood Skin
  • Customizable
  • Cover entire device
  • Easy to install
  • Not reuseable
  • A bit expensive
  • Only scratch protection

Sleek and classy handmade wood cover that gives you professional feel. The TOASTMade Surface Book Skin is made from real wood, which not just gives your laptop an elegant look but ensures it’s protection.

It is highly sturdy and robust which gives you premium protection and ambiance. However, it’s a bit on the expensive side, but you will love the quality and the value that it provides.

What we think about TOASTMade Skin

It is probably one of the easiest Skin that you can stick on your laptop. All you have to do is peel away the Cover and stick it on your Surface Book. To ensure that it stays in place, make sure that you clean the body of your laptop before you put it on. Moreover, it is available in four different colors, Walnut, Ash, Bamboo, and Ebony.

Note: The TOASTMade Cover is available for both the 13.5″ and 15″ Surface Book 3 and the Surface Book 2.

iPearl mCover

Most Affordable Surface Book Case

  • Lightweight & shatterproof material
  • Cover for both Keyboard and Tablet
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Available different colors
  • Does not stand heavy bumps
  • Could be cheaper

Most of the cases come in limited colors but not this one. You will find a wide variety of colors in the iPearl mCover Hard Shell. It is available at a reasonable price; it would be easy to get a couple and change it according to your choice.

This one also has a slight texture to it which perks up the entire look of your Surface Book, ensuring that it doesn’t look bulky or heavy.

What we think about iPearl mCover

The material used to make this protective cover is merely outstanding. The manufacturer used translucent DOW polycarbonate in this Case, which is shatterproof. So, if you accidentally drop your Surface Book, it will remains intact and suffers only minor, if not any, damages. The design of the Case protects every corner of the laptop from any scratches or scrapes.

Note: The iPearl mCover is available for both the 13.5-Inch and 15-Inch model Surface Book 3. However, there is a slight difference in price for the 15″ Surface Book. Make sure to read our full review on iPearl mCover.


The Best Carrying Case for Style and Luxury

  • Elegant design
  • Available in four colors
  • Detachable screen support
  • Expensive compared to the quality
  • Add extra bulk

It is a bit expensive carrying case that you can buy for your Microsoft Surface Book 3. However, it is also one of the best as well. Heycase is elegant in design and highly durable which makes it look classy for business professionals.

It is best to use if you tend to take your laptop to high-profile meetings. Whether you want to use the device like a laptop or convert it into a tablet. You will be able to get the optimum use out of it.

What we think about Heycase

The design is the biggest feature of this Heycase. The built material of this carry case is microfiber, which gives a professional look to your device. The microfiber protects the body and screen of your Surface Book all the time. It is also waterproof which safeguards your laptop from water spills near it. Moreover, with the help of the elastic hand strap on the back, you can secure the device even better when you close the screen.

Note: The Heycase is available for both the 13.5-Inch and 15-Inch Surface Book 3 and the Book 2 with the same price tag.

Hongyixun Kicktstand Cover Case

The Best Surface Book 3 Case with Kickstand

  • Cheapest Price
  • Kickstand for tablet
  • Easy to remove
  • Pen Holder
  • Have only two colors
  • Not available for 15-Inch Surface Book

Simple and sleek, this Case is designed to keep the user’s convenience in mind. It fits like a sleeve, and you don’t have to take it off when detaching the screen from the keyboard.

The finest and the top-quality material of this Kickstand Cover ensures the protection of your Surface Book 3.

What we think about Hongyixun Case

The best thing is it allows you easy access to all the ports on the sides. There is no need to remove the case to reach the ports. You can even access the bottom of the laptop without having to take it off. The typing and viewing angle of your laptop is quite comfortable with it Kickstand feature. Moreover, you can easily separate the display from the keyboard, allowing you to use it as in tablet mode.

Note: The Hongyixun Surface Book Case with Kickstand feature. It is only available for the 13.5″ model for both SB 2 and SB 3.

ICARER Leather Case

Handcrafted Genuine Leather Case for Business Professionals

  • 100% Pure Genuine Leather
  • Detachable Folio Cover design
  • Available in three different texture
  • Easily to remove
  • Designed for 13-inch Surface Book only

Looking for a genuine Leather Case for Surface Book 3? This one is for you! If you are a kind of person that like leather accessories then this might be for you.

The ICARER is specialized in handcrafted leather case, sleeves, bags and covers for laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Sadly, it is only available for 13.5-inch Surface Book.

What we think about ICARER Leather Case

The manufacturer uses 100% pure genuine leather with a variety of colors and texture styles. Including Embossed Crocodile, Oil Wax Vintage, and Sleek Leather. So far the colors available in Black, Brown, and Light-Brown. It’s a Surface Book folio case and allows you to detach screen without removing the cover. Similar to other products in our list, it is a perfect fit for the Surface Book 3. You can easily access all the ports while keeping it on your laptop. However, the drawback of this product is; it is only available for the performance-based model.

Note: The ICARER Surface Book Leather Folio Case is only available for the 13.5″ model for of SB 3 as well as SB 2.

Why buy a Case for Surface Book 3 or Book 2?

When searching for a Surface Book Case, you will come across various options including Sleeves, and Bags. Even though everyone has their preferences! However, we recommend you to opt for a protective Case or Skin Cover instead of a Sleeve or Bag.

You must be wondering why is it so? It’s because due to the material of the Bags and Sleeves tend to scratch the body of your laptop. On the other hand, Case or Skin Cover will let you avoid that factor as they are stuck to your device. There is no need to take it off, even when you are using it in tablet mode. Moreover, cases will protect your Surface Book all time, and keep it safe if anything happens.

Case vs Sleeve vs Skin

The main difference is the product material and the protection level. The Case offers better protection from heavy drops and allows you to close it using either a flap or an elastic hand strap. Similarly, a Sleeve offer decent safety from scratches and light drops. However, the Skin is very limited when it comes to safeguard the laptop. It only secure the Surface Book from minimal scratches.

The comparison table below will help you understand better. Hope you will find the right product for your laptop.

Falls and Drops Protection Best Average No
Scratch Protection Best Best Average
Look and Design Limited Various Choice Unlimited and Custom
Average Price $30 $50 $10
Issues Overheating None Improper Installations
Best for Daily-Use Travel Personal expression

Best Surface Book 3 Cases and Skins in 2020

Final Thoughts

Above we have listed 6 best Cases for Surface Book 3 and 2. All these products are compatible with any Surface Book device. We choose these products on the basis of the features and customer reviews on Amazon. Even though all of these are different from one another, but their purpose is the same. These are the finest protective cases that are currently available in the market.

If we were to choose the best one, it would be the Plasma Series by Urban Armor Gear, only if safety is your main focus. However, if you are looking for something sleek and stylish, I recommend you to go with TOASTMade Surface Book Skin. No matter which product you buy, you will not regret your decision.

We hope your search for the best Surface Book Case ends here.

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  1. Thanks for the list. I am wondering if there is any other brand for Surface Case. I have tried Urban Armor Gear but it’s bulky. I don’t like TOASTMade because it needs to be stick I can’t remove it whenever I want but for iPearl mCover, it doesn’t look nice! However, the iPearl Hardshell Case protects my Surface Book.
    Please update this article if there is any new Surface Book 2 Case in 2019.

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    • Hello Alex,

      Yes, we know Urban Armor Gear is not manufacturing the 15″ Case for Surface Book.

      Please reread the article; it is clearly written “Surface Book 2 Case for 15″ Inch variant is not currently available by UAG“.

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          I will update the article within the next few weeks with some new products.

    • Yes, the size and dimensions of the Surface Book 3 is exactly the same as the SB 2.
      If you already have a SB 2 Case then you don’t need a new one.


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