Review: iPearl mCover for Surface Book

There are various companies that manufacture protective covers for Surface Book. However, not all of them offer the protection your device may need. Hence, it is important to select a Surface Book 3 Case wisely. The iPearl mCover has been successful in delivering quality Cases with a reasonable price-tag.

iPearl Inc offers Cases for both Surface Book 13.5-Inch and Surface Book 3 15-Inch model. We have tested the two iPearl Covers for the review. This review will help you in deciding whether or not this Hardshell Case is worth using for your Surface Book 3 or not.

Here, is our iPearl Case Review for Surface Book 3:

iPearl mCover for Surface Book 3 (13.5-Inch)

iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case for Surface Book 13.5 inch
Surface Book Case by iPeal mCover

The iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case for the 13.4 Inch Surface Book has received favorable reviews from the masses. When we used it, it wasn’t hard to understand why. This Case is full of beneficial features.

Main Features

The features which differentiate this Case include the following:

Enhanced Protection

The iPearl Inc uses a premium material to deliver protection. The use of DOW polycarbonate material plays a huge role in making sure that the device does not get damaged. This is because this element gives the case a hard exterior. Moreover, it also makes it shatterproof. So, even if you drop your beloved Surface Book, you don’t have to worry about it breaking.

Custom Fit

There is a reason why the mCover is specifically marketed as a Surface Book 13.5 Inch Case. During our review, we found that only a 13.5 inch Case fits perfectly on our Surface Book 3. The design of this Case keeps the various curves and corners of the Surface Book in mind. This helps the product in delivering a perfect fit. This translates into enhanced protection from all corners. There won’t be any corner or part of the Surface Book exposed.

Easy Installation

Normally, cases are hard to put on and even harder to take off. This is a source of inconvenience for the masses. After all, there are times when you don’t want a Case on your Surface Book. And no one wants to make the effort of taking off a cover that is too difficult to put back on. Does this mean, you will be stuck with the cover on your device for all eternity? At least, in this Case, you don’t need to worry about it.

One thing we found during the review is how easy it is to place the Case on the Surface Book. This also holds true for taking it off. When you consider how perfectly fit the Surface Book 3 Case is, this insight of the iPearl Case seems contradictory. However, the design and the material used help in delivering this ease of use.


Yet another important feature of this Case is its weight. Generally, Hard Shell Cases have quite a lot of weight of their own. No user appreciates this. Why? Well, no one wants to carry additional unnecessary weight around with them.

When it comes to this mCover by iPearl Inc., the manufacturers have designed the Case to have a weight of 280 grams. In layman terms, this translates to barely having any weight. During our review, we barely noticed the weight. Therefore, you won’t feel much of a difference in the weight of the Surface Book with and without the case.

This Hard Shell Case allows you to realize a lot of benefits. Here are some of the pros of iPearl mCover:

  • It is compatible with Surface Pen as well.
  • Available in nine different colors which allow you to choose the color that best suits your personality.
  • It is very durable.
  • The protection given by the Case to the Surface Book is exemplary.

So far, there are no Cons in this product except one:

  • There is no Kickstand for the Surface Book 13.5 Inch Case.

iPearl mCover Case Color Choice

iPearl mCover for Surface Book 3 (15-Inch)

15" Inch Case for Surface Book 3
Surface Book 3 Case by iPeal mCover

iPearl Inc. has also designed a Case for 15 Inch Surface Book 3 as well. The manufacturer uses same material, but the design is little slimmer and fashionable. Since, both products are same, and the only difference is the size we decided to cover it in one article.

Main Features

Here are the major features delivered by the iPearl Inc. USA:

Enhanced Durability

Just like the mCover made for the 13.5″ Inch model, this  15″ Inch Case also delivers durability. Even though the cost of the Case is cheap and no one wants to keep changing the Cover. However, if you change your mind we are sure you would want to make the decision based on your liking for another Case.

To make sure that you change your iPearl mCover for the right reasons, durability marks this product. To achieve this, the iPearl Inc., features premium material and design. The use of premium polycarbonate material makes sure that your device can withstand rough use.

During our review, we put this claim to a test. We found that the mCover was resistant to scratches as well as light impact.


Just because you like the slim design of this Case, doesn’t mean you can use if for Surface Book 13 Inch model. You can only use this case on the 15 Inch Surface Book 3 specifically. Whether it be 13.5 Inch Surface Book or any other Microsoft Surface product, this Case is not compatible with them.

During our review, we found that this aspect is both a benefit and a flaw. The flaw is visible. You can’t use this Case for other devices. However, it also means that in the 15 Inch product, it is a perfect fit. The manufacturers have designed it specifically for the Surface Book 3.

Therefore, you can expect the Case to fit all the corners of the Surface Book 3 (15″ Inch) with perfection. It seems like iPearl Inc, in general, delivers good fits.

Easy Installation

Another thing we found during tour test; is how easy it is to install this Cover. In most cases, the process is quite difficult sometimes. It is because the upper and lower parts are rarely detachable. You can easily install and use your Surface Book 3 with its detachable screen feature as well as convertible tablet mood without being worry about removing the Case.

Some of the most important features of this Case:

  • The Case is resistant to impact and scratches. Therefore, it is cost-effective because of its durability.
  • The matte colors give the Surface Book a great look.
  • The kickstand included in the Case, which allows you to elevate it for easy typing.

You can always buy it from the official website, but we recommend you buy it from Amazon.

Our Thoughts on iPearl mCover Case

One thing that this iPearl Case establishes is that both the Surface Book 13.2 Inch and the Surface Book 15 Inch Hard Shell Cases are great for better protection under the budget. Yes, they have their flaws when you compare it to other brands. But the various benefits and features make up for it. And, not to mention the low cost of the iPearl Inc Covers.

All in all, both these shell Cases are worth purchasing.

Buying Guide and Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have listed few Frequently Asked Questions for you before buying case or cover for your new Surface Book.

Is it detachable Case?

Yes, it is. You can easily detach the display of Surface Book 3 without removing the case.

What is the price of iPearl mCover?

The price varies on different sites. You can buy it from Amazon or eBay in between $19 to $25 for the base model and $23 to $25 for 15″ Inch model of Surface Book 3.

Is it durable enough to Protect Surface Book?

Yes, but not much enough as Urban Armor Gear. This mCover is a Hard Shell Cover which will protect your Surface Book enough from small accidents & scratches.

Is it compatible with Surface Pen?

Yes, this case is fully compatible with Surface Pen which means you can attach your Surface Pen with it, without removing the cover.

How many color variants does it have?

The iPearl mCover comes in 9 vibrant colors, Clear, Black, Pink, Blue, Orange, Aqua, Green, Red, and Purple. Here I have listed all the images in different colors.

Is it worth buying iPearl Case for Surface Book 3?

It depends on your budget when it comes to better protection under the low budget, the iPearl Case is the only option. If you have a high budget. I recommend you to go for UAG or TOASTMade.

Where Can I buy iPearl Case for my Surface Book?

You can buy it directly from the iPearl Inc or alternatively you can get it from Amazon or eBay and some other online stores.

iPearl Inc is a USA based company?

Yes, the iPearl Inc is based in Apex, North Carolina (according to their Facebook Page). And they also operate in Europe and Canada. If you are from Canada or Europe please visit the local website to place your order.

Is there any Customer Support & Warranty of iPearl Case?

Yes, iPearl mCover comes with 90 days of warranty and live customer support on call. There is a new website coming soon where you will get a live chat support. The customer support is available from 9 AM to 5 PM EST (Monday-Friday). Here are the numbers for customer support:

  • Contact Customer Service: 1-888-929-4732
  • For Questions & Information: +1 (919)-439-7030
  • For Order Service: +1 (919)-617-6227

Can I get a Custom Print on the mCover by iPearl?

Yes, iPearl Inc does print your logo’s or any other art on the Case for a little extra charge. For custom print option you need to place the order directly to the iPearl Inc.

Is there a Kickstand feature in the Case?

Yes, but the Kickstand feature is only available for the Surface Book 15″ Inch Case. Unfortunately, this feature is not available in Surface Book 13.5″ Inch Case.

What is the Refund Policy?

There is a 7 days refund policy upon receipt. You may exchange the product with any other product by the vendor within 7 business days. All you need to do is to call on the given numbers and ask for refund or exchange by giving them the model number of the product you wish to exchange with.

Is it compatible with Microsoft’s Surface Laptop?

No, I usually see people are confused with Surface Book and Surface Laptop. Someone asked me on Quora about the Surface Book 3 Laptop Case, at first, I was confused but later than I realized he was asking for Surface Laptop Case. The two products that we reviewed here in this article are not compatible with any other Surface Laptop, including Microsoft Surface Pro.

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