Best Surface Book Screen Protectors 2022

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The Surface Book 3 is one of the best convertible laptop from Microsoft. The 2020 SB 3 is a power beast compare to the Surface Book 2. And yes, it is one of the expensive laptop. Therefore, putting a screen protector and using a good quality case can safeguard your laptop from scratches and dings. It’s important to pick a right screen protector for Surface Book 3, which must be compatible with all of your daily use accessories.

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While searching for Surface Book screen protectors, you’ll find three different type display guards; Tempered Glass, PET, and TPU (Matte Protective) Films. Further, there’s a privacy glass protector that isn’t a type but a tinted screen protector for prying eyes.

These are the three common types of protectors, which you might already know. If not, we’ve discussed the differences in the buying guide and FAQ section below.

Best Surface Book Screen Protectors in 2022

There are very few brands manufacturing screen protectors for Surface Book. We’ve spent hours of research to find the best Surface Book screen protectors that offer exceptional quality in affordable price tag.

Brand Size Type
Megoo 13.5″ & 15″ Tempered Glass Buy Now
Spigen Glas.tR SLIM 13.5″ & 15″ Tempered Glass Buy Now
Mr. Shield 13.5″ Tempered Glass Buy Now
iCarez 13.5″ PET film Buy Now
IQ Shield LiQuidSkin 13.5″ & 15″ TPU film Buy Now
iLLumiShield 13.5″ & 15″ PET film Buy Now
Skinomi TechSkin 13.5″ & 15″ TPU film Buy Now
PanzerGlass 13.5″ & 15″ Tempered Glass Buy Now

Megoo Tempered Glass Protector

Top-rated screen protector available for Surface Book models including 1st Gen.

Megoo is popular for excellent protection and customer service. It is available for both 13.5-inch and 15-inch Surface Book 3 and Book 2 as well as for the Surface Book (1st Gen). Comparing to other Tempered Glass in our list, this one has seamless compatibility with Microsoft’s Surface Pen. You will hardly feel any difference with Stylus, which makes it our favorite screen protector.

Moreover, the Oleophobic coating allows easy cleaning while preventing fingerprints and smudges on the glass. Megoo is using 9H hardness to ensure the protection of your Surface Book display from scratches and shocks. In case of damage, it won’t shatter into million pieces; instead, it remains whole with dispersed cracks all over it. Still, it allows the touchscreen to function properly and entirely safe for the fingers.

Megoo is also offering Blue Light Filter Screen Protector for Eyesight protection within the same hardness and material. If you are looking for anti-blue light tempered glass, this one is worth trying.

What’s in the Package?
A Tempered Glass, microfiber cloth, alcohol wipe, lift and positioning stickers, dust removal sticker, and installation guide.

See at Amazon

Spigen Glas.tR SLIM

Best Surface Pen compatible Tempered Glass with H9 hardness.

Spigen is a leading brand when it comes to protection accessories. Unlike its predecessor, Spigen uses 9H hardness tempered glass to handle drop impacts and everyday scratches. The Oleophobic coating provides not only excellent touch experience but also ensures minimal snags and allows easy cleaning. Once you wipe the glass protector with a microfiber cleaner, it will look as good as new.

It offers easy installation; all you need to do is clean the display of your Surface Book 3 and place your screen protector precisely. It is available for both 13.5-inch and 15-inch model and can also be used for the Surface Book 2. Moreover, Spigen Glas.tR Slim comes with a risk-free lifetime warranty if anything goes wrong during installation.

What’s in the Package?
The package includes one Spigen Glas.tR, microfiber cloth, cleaning wipes, dust removal sticker, and installation guide.

Where to buy?
Amazon: 13 Inch15 Inch

Mr. Shield Anti-Glare Tempered Glass

Most affordable Tempered Glass protector with life-time warranty.

Mr. Shield is among the best laptop screen protector manufacturers and ensures premium quality as well as customer service. You won’t regret buying Mr. Shield Anti-Glare Glass Protector for your Surface Book 3. It uses ultra-thin 0.3mm 9H glass for protecting the display from impact and drops while prevents scratches and scuffs.

Moreover, the thin layer of high-quality glue sticks on the display gently and allow easy bubble-free installation. It also has 2.5D round edges on the corners that feel comfortable in touch. Since it’s 0.3mm ultra-thin tempered glass, you can expect 99.99% touch accuracy and crystal-clear display. On top of it, the company offers a lifetime warranty and customer service.

We recommend you get Mr. Shield because of the 9H glass, which is an ideal defense mechanism for the display. However, it’s only available for the 13.5-inch Surface Book. For 15-inch model, you’ll have to look into other brands.

What’s in the Package?
Glass Protector, cleaning cloth, dust collector, removing tapes, scratching card, and installation guide.

Where to buy?
Amazon: 1 Pack2 Packs3 Packs

iCarez PET Matte Screen Protector

Best Premium Matte Screen Protectors for Digital Artists and Surface Pen users.

iCarez PET film is ideal for artists and the people who like to take notes using Surface Pen. It might not be an excellent choice for impacts and drops. However, it can protect the display from scratches and smudges. This PET film ensures a high definition display, perfect touch sensitivity and decent protection for the price of $8.95.

Moreover, the Anti-Glare feature refracts and keeps your viewing experience intact. It also uses Oleophobic and hydrophobic coating on the protective film to defuse and decompose the grease and sweat fingerprints.

In my personal experience, PET film protectors are harder to install. However, this one comes with an easy installation guide to help you perfectly fit the screen protector on display. It is available for 13-inch Surface Book 3 and Book 2 only and is also compatible with the 1st Gen Surface Book.

What’s in the Package?
You will get a PET film, a wet wipe, microfiber cloth, positioning stickers, and an installation guide.

Where to buy?
Amazon: 13 Inch

IQ Shield LiQuidSkin Clear Screen Full Body Protector

Best full-body and display TPU skin for drawing and graphics designers.

IQ Shield LiQuidSkin is a TPU screen protector and comes with self-healing anti-scratch feature. This plastic film protects the full body of your Surface Book 3 from scratches and cosmetic marks. It offers a seamless high-definition display with high accuracy touch sensitivity. The IQ Shield is an obvious choice for digital artists and creators. If you like to draw sketches and work in graphics designing field, this one is for you.

The unique wet-install technique guarantees zero bubble formation. However, the installation is a bit risky and takes time to stick the skin on the body and the display. Since it’s not a tempered glass and we don’t recommend it to everyone.

What’s in the Package?
Full-body or Display only TPU Skin, squeegee, spray solution, lint-less cloth, and instruction guide.

Where to buy?
Amazon: 13″ Body Skin15″ Body Skin13″ Display Only15″ Display Only

iLLumiShield Anti-Glare Clear Screen Matte PET Film

Best Anti-Glare PET film for Drawing, Painting, and Sketch Artists.

The iLLumiShield Anti-glare screen protectors are known for precision, clarity and an anti-bubble technology. The company uses superior quality PET material to manufacture this matte screen protector. This protective film is designed with the multi-layer ultra-thin premium quality PET film.

The Anti-Glare feature refracts the light and lets you use Surface Book in daylight. Just like the rest of the screen protective films, the iLLumiShield is smooth, scratch-resistant, mitigates the fingerprints. However, it only comes in one piece for the screen display only.

Since it’s a PET film, you can expect the 99.99% touch accuracy and high sensitivity with the Surface Pen. Therefore, we recommend it for digital artists and creators as the best screen protector for drawing and painting.

What’s in the Package?
There is one TPU (Matte) display protector, microfiber cloth, squeegee, and instruction manual.

Where to buy?
Amazon: 13 Inch15 Inch13 Inch Tempered Glass

Skinomi TechSkin Clear Matte Screen Protector

Affordable full-body TPU Skin (Matte) screen protector.

Another full-body TPU protective film for Microsoft Surface Book 3. It offers the same features and uses the same material as IQ Shield LiQuidSkin. Including the liquid installation, which takes time and is a bit risky if you are not careful.

The matte finish on the protective film allows you to use your Surface Book in a daylight environment. Moreover, Skinomi uses a polymer material to ensure better protection from scratches and smudges.

With its clear HD view and seamless touch experience, this screen protector is the right choice for drawing and sketches. It is available for both 15-inch and 13.5-inch Surface Book 2 and Book 3 and also available as a separate display protector as well.

What’s in the Package?
You will get Anti-Glare TPU and Screen Protector, liquid solution, squeegee, lint-less cloth, and installation manual.

Where to buy?
Amazon: 15 Inch full-body13 Inch full-bodyDisplay only

PanzerGlass Privacy Screen Protector

Protects your contents on the display from prying eyes.

If you are concerned about the prying eyes around you, this privacy screen protector is something you need. It is tempered glass with a black tint on the top to protect the content of the display from all angles.

Moreover, it also features an anti-glare coating with blue light reduction property. So you can use it on daylight while protecting your eyes from screen rays. Furthermore, the PanzerGlass is also available in clear tempered glass with smooth and round edges.

The PanzerGlass is Microsoft’s recommended screen protector for Surface Book 3 and Book 2. Your can buy it from Microsoft Store for the 15-inch and 13-inch Surface Book.

What’s in the Package?
One HD Clear or tinted Privacy Glass Protector, wet wipe, microfiber cloth, and instructions guide.

Where to buy?
Microsoft: 13 Inch15 Inch
Amazon: 15 Inch

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve covered most frequently asked questions about screen protectors. If you have any query that isn’t here drop your concerns in the comment below. We will try to answer all your concerns and update this article.

What is Glass Screen Protector?

A glass screen protector is an extra layer of protection that can stick on the display of your device.

What is Anti-Glare Screen Protector?

Anti-Glare, also know as glare screen protector is a piece of glass that prevents glare light or the sunlight on the screen to reflect.

What is Tempered Glass Protector?

Tempered Glass is the most reliable and durable display protector when it comes to screen protection. It is processed by chemical and thermal treatment. Moreover, it will not only safeguard your device, but it will also give you an excellent touch experience.

What are the benefits of Tempered Glass?

Tempered Glass offers the strongest protection, excellent touch experience, and HD clear view of the display. There are a few more features that we already explain in this article.

Do I need a Screen Protector for Surface Book 3?

It is entirely up to you! If you have a screen protector on your laptop or smartphone, it doesn’t mean that your device is safe. It only adds an extra layer of protection on the display of your Surface Book.

Is Glass Protector better than TPU and PET Film?

Yes, the glass is thicker and harder than the PET or plastic screen protectors. Also, the plastic film get scratches and smudge after a few days. On the other hand, the TPU is better resistant to scratches with its self-healing technology.

However, we don’t recommend glass protector for digital artists because of the slippery surface. Graphics designers need a paper-like feel and high sensitivity while drawing with Surface Pen. In short, for long-lasting protection, tempered glass is good but not for everyone.

Difference Between Tempered Glass and Glass Protector

The Tempered Glass is four times stronger than the regular Glass Protectors. Moreover, the Tempered Glass does not break into small sharp shards! Whereas the standard Glass Protector breaks into small pieces in case of accidents.

Which is better; Tempered Glass or Plastic Screen Protector?

The Tempered Glass Screen Protector is far better than the (PET) Plastic film. The plastic screen protector can only protect your screen from scratches. On the other hand, the tempered glass will not only protect your display from the scratches but also from getting damaged.

How to remove the screen protector from Surface Book?

If you are using a plastic screen guard, use the duct tape on the corner of the screen protector and pull it off. For the tempered glass, use a hard card, something like an ID card, which shouldn’t be thicker than the screen protector. To do so, place the card in any corner of the screen protector and lift-up the screen protector. Once the protector is lifted, hold the edge gently and remove it.

Does Surface Book need a screen protector?

The quick answer is Yes. However, like we mentioned earlier it is your choice!

If you can protect your device and keep it safe from damages, then you don’t need it, but accidents can happen, and you can lose this expensive laptop. I recommend everyone to get a protective case, a sleeve, and a tempered glass on their device.

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  1. Hello, I cannot find any product for the Surface Book 3 13.5 inch display, all of the above links lead to products for the Book 1 & Book 2. Do the Book 2 protectors fit on a Surface Book 3? Thank you.

    • The size and display of both Surface Book 3 and SB2 are same, you can use any of these Screen Protectors.

  2. Hello, which screenprotector do you recommend for using when taking notes with the surface pen? Im looking for something similar to the paperlike screen protector thats available for iPad e.g. something that reduces friction between the hand and the screen

    • For paper-like feel you need a Matte screen protector, we have three different brands in our list. We recommend you to try iCarez or Skinomi.

  3. I have looked high and low for a 15 inch temperred glass with blue light blocking for surface book 2. Is there one available that you can suggest?


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