Best Surface Pro 7 Sleeves and Backpacks in 2022

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Even in 2022, the Surface Pro 7 is excellent for both work and play. However, letting it run wild can result in bumps, scrapes, and scratches that can dull the shiny finish. Long story short, without the best sleeve, your new Surface Pro will certainly end up full of dust and lint from your backpack.

Although some of you might go for a Case over a Sleeve, and both have their Pros and Cons. For those who prefer style and luxury, the sleeves are great choices. Still, if you are looking for the best quality Surface Pro 7 cases, we already have that topic covered for you.

Now without any further delay, let’s see the best Bags and the best Sleeves for your new Surface Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus.

Types of Surface Pro 7 Sleeves

Below you will find the following types of Sleeves that available in the market:

  • Basic Sleeves: Comes with padded laptop compartment to give it extra protection when you slide it into a backpack or suitcase.
  • Sleeves with Shoulder Straps: It is perfect for traveling and business trips. The detachable shoulder strap allows you to remove it and use the handle strap at your convenience. Not only that, but you can also use these sleeves for general purpose as well.
  • Sleeves with Accessories Pouch: The slim form factor of a sleeve does not allow you to carry all your Surface Pro 7 accessories with you. However, there are many sleeves available with extra pouch to carry your charger and cables.

Best Surface Pro 7 Sleeves

A laptop sleeve cover adds additional safety as you slide your device into a suitcase or backpack. You will find many products with different features, designs, and protection. So, if you are looking for the right sleeve to style up your latest Surface Pro 7, here is a list from which you can choose the perfect one.

ProCase Tablet Protective Cover

This ProCase sleeve has an exterior made of premium leather, which protects the device and gives it a stylish look. The best part is that it is available in different colors, including red, brown, and black. Interiors are made of soft microfiber that helps to avoid scratches. There is also anti-bumping padding that adds to the extra safety of your device.

Secure magnetic flaps are present for safe closure instead of zippers, which, in turn, gives the bag a sleek appearance. It also comes with a large back pocket to keep smartphones, documents, and other small items. A built-in pen holder is present to keep your Surface Pen safely. Although simple in design, the punch is both functional and convenient for daily use.


  • Slim and Fit
  • Leather design with Microfiber
  • Compatible with Surface Type Cover


  • Not enough room for Charging Adapter

tomtoc 360 Versatile Protective Sleeve

Tomtoc 360 comes with excellent protective features, of which the most important one is the 3-layered protection. Going into depth, you will first notice that the external layer consists of spill-resistant polyester material. Next, you will find shockproof sponges and the soft foam cushioning on the interior, both of which act as great padding and protect the device from scrapes and bumps. Also, you can find a thick protective ridge that offers overall safety to your gadget.

Lightweight, waterproof, and slim design are the other notable aspects of this model. Extra pockets present to allow you to keep your charger, cellphone, and other accessories safely. You can find these sleeves in various color options like Tiffany blue, black-blue, pink, and grey.


  • Better protection
  • Durable YKK Zipper
  • Pocket for Surface Charger and Accessories


  • No Surface Pen holder or slot

Inateck Surface Pro Sleeve

Inateck Sleeve is made from high-quality materials, which include renewable items. Interiors are fully covered with a soft flannel giving sufficient padding. The lining material used is mold proof and in turn, keeps the laptop safe from any scratches. There are several variants in this model that come in different sizes, rubber tapping, and Velcro closure designs for extra security.

As for the main pocket, it is large enough to hold your laptop securely. Moreover, you can use the back pockets for stashing your phone, headphones, cash, and other stuff. Additional front pockets are available to store your charger, mouse, and other items.


  • Washable material
  • Separate pouch for Charger & Accessories


  • Does not last for long
  • No holder for Surface Pen

MoKo Leather Sleeve for Tablets

MoKo Tablet Sleeve that comes in a soft brown leather adds to your style and gives a professional look. Since it is made from PU leather, it is suitable for both regular school and office use. Moreover, it has an envelope style model that permits quick access. It is available in five different colors and varying sizes.

As for the sleeve’s inner lining, it’s made of soft and neat suede that prevents scratches. Further, you don’t have to worry about the accidental opening because of its magnetic closure that ensures your device is safe.


  • Professional look and Ultra-slim Design
  • Leather Sleeve with Suede Lining inside
  • Comes with Surface Pen holder


  • Not much space for documents and other stuff

HYZUO Sleeve

HYZUO’s Sleeve acts both as a handbag and as a Carrying Sleeve. While carrying your laptop around safely, it, in turn, works as a perfect designer bag as well. HYZUO Sleeve is made of high-quality nylon fabrics that are water-repellent in nature. Moreover, the padded lining consists of soft fluffy flannel in the interiors, which adds to an extra layer of protection to your device, preventing it from scratches and sudden drops.

You will find portable handles with this sleeve for safe handling and ease in carrying. Light in weight and slim in design help you to slide your laptop into your backpack easily. Side pockets present to make it suitable for carrying additional things such as smartphones, notepads, and other items.


  • Microfiber leather with soft lining for protection
  • Pouch for Charger and Surface Mouse
  • Water resistant & shock-proof


  • There is no slot for Surface Pen

ProCase Handbag Sleeve

The ProCase Handbag has a neoprene paneling coated with water-resistant material. As for its interiors, there exists a soft microfiber lining that helps in avoiding scratches and marks. You will also notice an extra zipper compartment by the side, which is apt for keeping your other essential items and laptop accessories.

The bag closes with the help of a zipper. The zipper present opens entirely around the sleeve, making it easy to slide your laptop. However, the presence of a full zipper calls for extra attention, as you need to ensure that your bag is completely closed at all times. Moreover, since the carry handle is present at the opposite end, you also need to be careful to avoid your laptop from falling off from the bottom end, if not appropriately zipped.


  • Hand grip design
  • Can be easily open at 180-degree
  • Front pocket for cables, chargers, and smartphone


  • No Surface Pen Holder
  • Zipper feels cheap

WALNEW Protective Sleeve

WALNEW Sleeve is a slim, lightweight, and comes with a dual pocket. It uses microfiber leather on exterior that has waterproof properties. As for the interiors, the sleeve has a soft anti-scratch material. Various color options like pink, gold, black, dark blue, and brown are available in this model.

The sleeve has an upper flap for secure and safe closure. In addition to the main pocket, there is a front pocket to keep essentials like papers, cables, and phone. WALNEW Sleeve Case comes with a Surface Pro 7 Pouch for accessories like Surface Charger, and Arc Mouse.


  • Front pocket for small accessories
  • Anti-scratch and waterproof material
  • Comes with mouse mat for Surface Arc Mice


  • Can’t carry around Surface Charger

Brenthaven Collins Sleeve Plus

Brenthaven Collins Sleeve Plus comes with a Surface Pen holder and has interior and exterior slots. Pockets are also available for your Surface Mouse, making it the perfect choice for your Pro 7+. Also, you can get this model in different colors.

In terms of offering protection to your Surface Pro, the zippered pockets have a lining filled with cotton. In addition to this, its chambray exterior is made of vegan leather. Brenthaven makes use of a lightweight and high-density foam for its protective padding. The extra padding also helps in reducing the impact in case of falls or drops. In case of defects, the Company offers a lifetime warranty.


  • Made of Vegan Leather
  • Pockets for Surface Pen and Arc Mouse
  • Pocket for the Surface Charger and accessories


  • Easily get stretches

Megoo Sleeve Carrying Case

Megoo is the most suitable sleeve for your Microsoft Surface Pro. Designed using high-quality and soft PU leather, the sleeve is also splash-proof. As for the interiors, it consists of microfiber materials to avoid scratches and shocks. Lightweight and durable nylon material make it the best choice for travelers.

Further, a magnetic seal present ensures that your device is securely placed and is easy to open and close. Moreover, the envelope-style design makes it easy to carry and slide the laptop in and out smoothly. Side pockets are present for taking your cellphones, chargers, and pens.


  • Sleek and slim, envelope like style
  • High-quality PU Leather with Soft Microfiber interior


  • No dedicated Stylus holder
  • No pocket available for accessories

Runetz Sleeve

This is a budget-friendly option, and suitable for daily use. The Sleeve, made of neoprene material on the exteriors and breathable padding in the interiors to avoid overheating. The slim fit design restricts free movements, which, in turn, prevents accidents. Various color options are available such as teal, brown, chevron, black, and grey.

Pockets are present in the front for stashing your chargers, phone, mouse, and other essentials. Zippered closure present around the entire length of the sleeve makes it easier to place and remove your device.


  • Soft touch with better grip
  • Protection from scratching, and scuffing


  • No Surface Pen holder
  • Not enough space for accessories & documents

Best Surface Pro 7 Backpacks, Totes, and Handbags

Apart from laptop sleeves, you can also buy handbags and totes to carry your laptop safely. If you are looking for a perfect Leather Bag or a stylish shoulder bag for your Surface Pro 7+ or Pro 7, then search no more!

Tomtoc 360 Versatile Shoulder Bag

The Tomtoc 360 has a classic design and style that enhances your professional look; hence it is a preferred choice for most office workers. Padded shoulder straps play a significant role in offering the comfort you need. Moreover, it comes with a handle that helps you to carry it in many ways. Further, slim in design and light in weight make it convenient for carrying.

Multiple pockets are present that allow you to stack all the essential items. Besides, it comes with a 2-year warranty that includes a full replacement in case of any product issues.

Why Consider Buying Tomtoc Shoulder Bag?

  • Front-side pockets for all your accessories
  • 360 Protection from bumps and drops
  • Long-lasting YKK Zipper

MOSISO Laptop Shoulder Bag

MOSISO shoulder bag comes with an appealing and compact design, which makes it easy to carry. Made of durable fabric, it is perfect for daily use. The highlighting feature of this bag lies in its unique material selection. It is well-padded using neoprene and made of polyester fabric that is both spill-resistant and waterproof. Interiors are no exception, as these are also well-cushioned to ensure your device is safe and secure.

With this bag, you will find adjustable shoulder straps that aid in comfort traveling. Due to the slim framework, it can easily slide into your suitcase or backpack even. Extra zipper compartments are present for storing your earphones, charger, cables, and phones. Interestingly, you will find different color combinations available for this model.

Why Consider Buying MOSISO Bag?

  • High-quality fabric lining with foam padding
  • Pocket for Charger and other accessories
  • Handbag design with Shoulder strap

Lacdo 360 Protective Shoulder Bag

The Lacdo 360° Shoulder Bag is light weighted and slim, ideal for storing your laptop. As for the outer layer, it is water-resistant and has a comfort carry handle. Beneath the neoprene panels, you will notice a soft lining on the insides of the bag to secure your device from damages. Zippers are also present, which helps you to access your laptop easily.

There are also two pockets for the storage of necessary items. The bags are available in various sizes and six different color options.

Why Consider Buying Lacdo Shoulder Bag?

  • Superior protection with water-resistant properties
  • 3 front pockets for all your accessories
  • Top side Zipper for convenient access

EKOOS Slim Shoulder Bag

EKOOS consists of high-quality nylon fabric that is water-resistant. Its inner fabric consists of soft fleece to prevent any damages and scratches. Further, the bag is fitted with shoulder strap buckles for easy adjustment. Thus, you can adjust the straps based on your comfort and height. These aspects make it the best choice for daily use.

Extra pockets are available to help you organize your stuff in an orderly manner. A handle is present at the top, which you can hide when not in use. In addition to this, the bag comes with a belt at the back to which you can easily hook it on a trolley or suitcase.

Why consider Buying EKOOS Slim Bag?

  • Fit and slim with enough room for documents
  • Three front pockets for accessories
  • Soft and comfortable top handle
  • Sleek and stylish look


WaterField Bolt contains waxed canvas or ballistic nylon fabrics mixed with leather combos. Interiors are entirely lined with soft gold clothing, and the pocket to store your laptop is well-padded.

Two pockets are present on the sides to hold items like your charger, earphones, and smartphone. Between the two side pockets, there is one spacious compartment where you can even keep a pair of spare apparel. Metal zippers with leather tassels help you to grasp the bag properly. What is also great is that the bag is splash-proof. It is currently available in three sizes – small, medium, and large.

Why Consider Buying WaterField BOLT BRIEFCASE?

  • High-quality premium leather and durable ballistic nylon
  • Multiple pockets for accessories inside the bag
  • Front pockets for smartphone and documents
  • Splash-proof YKK Zippers
  • Dedicated Stylus holder

Solo New York Ludlow Tablet Sling Tote

Solo New York Ludlow consists of durable polyester materials. Lightweight and ample storage capacity makes it the perfect choice for professionals. An adjustable strap is present for carrying over the shoulder or across the body, making traveling more comfortable.

These totes are compact and have various pockets for storing essentials. As for the main pocket, it is well-padded to hold your gadget safely. Front pockets present are suitable for storing your cellphones and other essential items. A zippered organizer in the front has pen sleeves and card slots. The tote also comes with a limited warranty of 5-years.

Why Consider Buying Solo New York Sling Tote?

  • Foam padded compartment to protect Surface Pro 7+ or Pro 7
  • Your Tablet can easily fit with the keyboard
  • Two front pockets for all your accessories

Lacdo Sleeve Bag

The lightweight and slim design of Lacdo Sleeve Bag makes it suitable for traveling. The company uses waterproof material, so you don’t have to worry about rainwater splashes or oil spills. It is sufficiently padded to safeguard your gadget from accidental falls and damages.

Side pockets are present, which offers storage space for your accessories like phones, chargers, and so on. Zippers help you to slide your laptop quickly and provide easy access. Interestingly, the bag comes with a 1-year warranty period.

Why Consider Buying Lacdo Sleeve Bag?

  • Good for everyday use
  • Slim and fit design for Surface Pro
  • Front pockets available for accessories
  • Water-resistant and protection from scratches

Everest Stylish Tablet Tote Bag

Everest introduces tote bags that can hold your tablet and laptop conveniently. A padded tablet sleeve is present for carrying your tablets as well, in addition to one standard size laptop. The interiors are well-padded to hold your gadgets safely and to avoid any breaks or accidents.

Main pocket comes with a snap closure design and gives it a stylish look. An outer zip pocket is present in the front to store all your necessary items. The double-colored tote consists of Ripstop fabric and polyester materials that contribute to its durability. Everest offers a lifetime warranty to its customers and various color options to choose from.

Why Consider Buying Everest Tote?

  • All the accessories including Charger and Arc Mouse can easily be stored
  • Designed with 600 Denier Polyester for extreme weather conditions
  • Zippered compartment to store your tablet securely

VanGoddy Handbag Style – Double Shoulder Bag

VanGoddy is exclusively developed for professional working-class. On the outside, it consists of Peppered Charcoal Nylon and Onyx Black plastics. The double-coloring on the outside gives it a stylish look. Coming to the insides of the bag, the main pocket that holds the PC is zip locked and well padded.

You can wear it over your shoulders or across the body using shoulder straps. As the bag is water-resistant and portable, it is easy to carry around. Pockets present on the outside are well-secured using slip-stick closures. These come in handy for storing your extra items.

Why Consider Buying VanGoddy Handbag?

  • Features handbag style with double shoulder bag design
  • Two front pockets to securely store your accessories
  • Foam padding for absorbing shocks and bumps
  • Light weight and water-resistant

ProCase Messenger Bag

ProCase makes use of eco-friendly materials and does a great job of keeping your laptop safe. Materials are not only water-resistant but can also handle severe weather conditions. Due to it is slim, lightweight, and portable nature, the bag can easily slip into any backpack.

Versatile in nature, you can carry the bag using the top handles or the shoulder straps. The main pocket uses a soft flannel lining that protects your Surface Pro 7+ or Pro 7 from bumps and shocks. Two zipper pockets are present in the front for stacking your necessary valuables.

Why Consider Buying ProCase Messenger Bag?

  • Durable, slim and fit design
  • Handbag style with detachable shoulder strap
  • Water resistant material with foam padding inside for protection
  • Two zipper pockets for Surface Charger, Arc Mouse and other accessories

Buying Guide and FAQs

To help you choose the right Sleeve or bag, we have listed some of the frequently asked questions with our guide. If you have any other question, you can either email us or comment below.

How to pick the right Sleeve or Bag for Surface Pro 7 or Pro 7+?

Unfortunately, choosing the perfect handbag or Surface Pro 7 sleeve isn’t an easy task. Especially when these are available in various colors, prices, and sizes, the selection only becomes tougher. Thus, you must do your fair bit of research and find out the one that works well for you. Here are the two main factors to consider while selecting the right sleeve.


Durability of your laptop bag is the underlying factor. A good quality product comes in high-quality material. Therefore, you must pay close attention to the materials as they directly impact the longevity of the product.


While buying a Surface Pro Sleeve, size plays an important role. Both the size of the tablet as well as the bag/sleeve should match. Besides, it should have enough space to keep the Surface Pro along with all its accessories.

Why do you need a Bag or Sleeve for Surface Pro?

Buying a bag and sleeve for Surface Pro 7 or Pro 7+ not only ensures safety but also offers ease in carrying your device around. Both provide a sense of fashion, along with protection. Hence, you are free to select “the best one” based on your style and preferences. Rest assured, you can keep your device protected from drops, punctures, spills, and other common damages.

Which size of a Sleeve should I buy for Surface Pro 7?

If you are into the market to shop a Surface Pro sleeves or backpack, it is important to know the exact size of your device. The dimensions of the new Surface Pro are 11.5 x 7.9 x 0.33 inches, and the best fit for the measure is a 13-Inch Sleeve.

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