Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, S10 and S10E – Full Specifications, Features, Price and Deals

The much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S10 series has finally hit the shelves, and we’re here to uncover all the information you’re going to need before making the big purchase. The series features three new models, and their release comes as a timely celebration of Samsung’s 10th anniversary in the tech industry. But that’s not all! Another variant of the series, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, is yet to be released sometime this summer. Fans anticipate it’ll be released in June.

The latest trio offers lots of new features, and there are some noticeable changes to the design. Perhaps the first thing that you’ll notice is the missing haptic home button. The button formerly known to us as the physical fingerprint reader is now gone. More on this later.

From the rear, the Samsung S10 Plus looks like the Note 9, but it’s got three cameras. The 3.5 mm jack is back, and all three phones come with IP68 water- and dust-resistance.

Best Deals on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, S10 and S10e

We have rounded up the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 deals from Amazon and Samsung Store. We will continue to update these deals throughout the year.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Deals

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S10 Deals

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10e Deals

Samsung Galaxy S10E

Price of Samsung Galaxy S10 Lineups

The price range for the new phones isn’t too far off from each other. The Samsung Galaxy S10e is the cheapest of the three at $750 and is currently being hailed in the market as an amazing offer. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S10 costs $900 and the S10 Plus costs $1000. In other words, the Galaxy S10e is only $250 away from the S10 Plus.

Is the increment worth the purchase? You’ll be able to make the decision once we’ve gone over the newest features and specs in each of the three phones. Let’s get the details below.

Detailed Specifications

The S10 lineups are using the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 on all the mobiles including the upcoming Galaxy S10 5G. It comes with features like in-screen Ultrasonic Fingerprint scanner, Reverse Wireless Charging, and HDR10+ recording. Check out the detailed specs below:

Samsung Galaxy S10+ (Plus) Specification

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Price in United States$1000
Price in UK£899
Price in Australia$1499
Display & Screen Resolution6.1 Inch AMOLED Display & 3040 x 1440 pixels
Pixels522 PPI
Body Size6.20 x 2.92 x 0.31 inch
ProcessorOcta-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
RAM8 GB – 12 GB
Internal Storage512 GB – 1 TB
Expandable StorageUp to 512 GB
Front Facing Camera10 Megapixel and 8 Megapixel
Rear Camera16 Megapixel Ultra wide-angle, 12 Megapixel wide-angle, and 12 Megapixel telephoto
Battery4100 mAh
FingerprintIn-screen Ultrasonic Fingerprint
Headphone JackYes
Other Features

Reverse Wireless PowerShare
Hole-punch Screen Notch
Water Resistant (IP68)
Fast Wireless Charging 2.0
4K Video Recording

Samsung Galaxy S10 Specification

Samsung Galaxy S10

Price in United States$900
Price in UK£799
Price in Australia$1349
Display & Screen Resolution6.1 Inch AMOLED Display & 3040 x 1440 pixels
Pixels550 PPI
Body Size5.9 x 2.77 x 0.31 inch
ProcessorOcta-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
Internal Storage128 GB – 512 GB
Expandable StorageUp to 512 GB
Front Facing Camera10 Megapixel
Rear Camera16 Megapixel Ultra wide-angle, 12 Megapixel wide-angle, and 12 Megapixel telephoto
Battery3400 mAh
FingerprintIn-screen Ultrasonic Fingerprint
Headphone JackYes
Other Features

Reverse Wireless PowerShare
Hole-punch Screen Notch
Water Resistant (IP68)
Fast Wireless Charging 2.0
4K Video Recording

Samsung Galaxy S10e Specification

Samsung Galaxy S10E

Price in United States$750
Price in UK£669
Price in Australia$1199
Display & Screen Resolution5.8 Inch AMOLED Display & 2280 x 1080 pixels
Pixels438 PPI
Body Size5.59 x 2.75 x 0.27 inch
ProcessorOcta-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
RAM6 GB – 8 GB
Internal Storage128 GB – 256 GB
Expandable StorageUp to 512 GB
Front Facing Camera10 Megapixel
Rear Camera16 Megapixel and 12 Megapixel
Battery3100 mAh
FingerprintPower button
Headphone JackYes
Other Features

Reverse Wireless PowerShare
Hole-punch Screen Notch
Water Resistant (IP68)
Fast Wireless Charging 2.0
4K Video Recording

Features of Samsung Galaxy S10 Lineups


Let’s start with the processing. All three phones use the same powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. This means even if you choose to buy the cheap Galaxy S10e, you know you’re not losing out on performance.

Screen and Display

Similarly, all three phones use the Dynamic AMOLED Displays with HDR10+ video recording, so you don’t have to compromise on screen quality either.

However, the screen ratio does vary. The S10e has a 5.8-inch screen with Full-HD (2280 x 1440) resolution. Meanwhile, the S10 has a 6.1-inch screen, and the S10 Plus has a 6.4-inch screen with both sporting a QHD (3040 x 1440) display.

Memory and Storage

Storage is a major selling point for the S10 series. All three phones start with 128 GB base storage and come with a 512 GB microSD memory expansion slot. The S10e is being offered with a 6 GB and 8 GB RAM, while the S10 offers 8 GB RAM only. However, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has the option of an 8 GB and 12 GB RAM.

Speakers, Audio Jack and Wireless PowerShare

Speaker quality is similar, and all three phones feature the 3.5 mm headphone jack. An exciting feature is the reverse wireless charging via Wireless PowerShare option, where you can charge other smartphones by keeping the back of the phones together.


The Galaxy S10 and the S10 Plus come with triple rear cameras that include a 12 MP telephoto lens, 12 MP wide-angle lens and a 16 MP ultra wide-angle lens. When it comes to the primary front-facing camera, the S10 and the S10e have a 10MP camera. The S10 Plus comes with dual front cameras with a 10 MP primary camera and an 8 MP RGB depth camera.

Things You Need to Know

Goodbye Iris Scanner, Hello Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor

The Iris Scanner that was introduced to Samsung phones with the Galaxy S8 has now been removed to give way to the Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor. The term ultrasonic implies that the reader is faster and more secure than the traditional optical sensor. The new fingerprint sensor will make use of ultrasonic high-frequency sound waves to map a significantly more detailed image of your finger. This is different from the optical sensor that used a bright light to photomap your finger. Samsung claims the new tech is harder to spoof because it takes a 3D scan of your fingerprint.

No In-Display Fingerprint Sensor for the S10e

The Galaxy S10e does not have a In-display fingerprint sensor like the other two phones. However, it does have a fingerprint reader on the side of the power button. That’s still an improvement from the Note 9 fingerprint reader, which was located on the back of the phone.

Free Phone Case

The new Samsung 10 series comes with a free silicone phone case. There’s also a free screen protector bundled inside the box, but Samsung refers to this as a protective film, so we can only imagine how durable this will be.

Color Coordinated Accessories

If you buy the black Galaxy S10, it will come with black accessories. If you purchase any other color, it will come with white accessories.

The Brightest Display Ever

The S10 series features the brightest displays to date. From the settings option, you can toggle the brightness to a maximum of 850 nits, but if you go outdoors, you can bump up the brightness to a big 1200 nits!

No More Haptic Home Button

As mentioned above, this is probably the most significant change in the S10 series. Some of you might have mixed reviews about it, but with the new gesture-based interface, you won’t really be needing a home button.

Heart Rate and Oxygen Level Sensors

The S10 and S10 Plus come with the heart rate and oxygen level readers that are located at the back of the phone next to the rear camera. However, this feature is not available on the S10e.

Triple Lens Cameras

We get triple rear cameras on the S10 and S10 Plus as mentioned before. The S10e only comes with a dual-camera module.

With the S10e, Samsung has decided to keep the wide-angle camera and get rid of the older zoom camera that used to be a part of the Galaxy S9 and Note 9. As cool as the wide-angle lens is, it doesn’t have an autofocus feature or an image stabilization option. While you won’t feel the difference when you’re taking photographs. However, you’ll probably encounter problems when you’re shooting videos with the wide-angle lens.

The Galaxy S10 Plus Has 5 Cameras

Altogether, the S10 Plus has five lenses. On the back, you get one primary wide lens, one telephoto lens, and the 16 MP ultra wide-angle lens. On the front, you get one 10 MP selfie camera and one 8 MP depth camera.

HDR10+ Recording

The Samsung 10 series are the world’s first phones that have the HDR10+ video recording options. But beware, there is a video recording limit similar to the previous Note 9 and Galaxy S9 models. It means you can only shoot a video of maximum 5 minutes in length.

What’s unique about the HDR10+ is that it uses something called dynamic metadata. This means that the brightness and color can be set on a frame by frame, which should help with the color gradients you see on the screen.

Free True Wireless Earbuds

Alongside a free phone case, you can get a free pair of wireless earbuds but only if you pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S10 phone. 

Reverse Wireless Charging

You can charge the wireless earbuds directly from the back of the Galaxy S10. In fact, the back-charging option works with any device that supports Qi-enabled charging.

Super Storage

With the Galaxy S10 Plus, you can have up to 1.5 TB of storage. The phone boasts 1 TB of internal storage, and with the microSD card slot, you can expand the storage by 512 GB. To put things into perspective, we don’t even have that much storage in most laptops!

Bixby Remap

Samsung has announced that it will be releasing an update so that you can remap the Bixby button on the phones to do whatever you want. This update will also be available on some older Galaxy models.

Vapor Cooling System

Only available in the S10 Plus model is the vapor chamber cooling system that limits phone heat so that you can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay.

Virtual Reality

If you care about VR, you’ll be happy with the S10 because it has the highest pixel density of all three phones at 550 PPI. In comparison, the Samsung S10 Plus has a 522 PPI display, and the S10e offers 438 PPI.

The S10e is a Good Deal

The Galaxy S10e has a 6 GB RAM, has the same processor as the S10 and S10 Plus. It has the same Dynamic AMOLED Display panel and the new wide-angle lens. It’s basically the same phone except for a few features, and the price starts at $750.

Best Deals on Samsung S10+ S10 and S10e
Left: S10+ – Middle: S10 – Right: S10e

Final Words

The S10 series set the benchmark for all other phones to be released by Samsung this year. All three phones have pretty similar specifications, so it’ll be hard to pick one. In the case of the S10 and S10e, there’s a price difference of only $150. In this difference, you’re getting a larger display, an in-display ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, and an extra rear camera. Going for the S10 will be a wise chose for those who value having a more convenient fingerprint sensor.

When it comes to the Samsung S10e and the S10 Plus, there’s a price difference of $250. What you’re getting here is a larger display, an in-display fingerprint sensor, an extra rear camera, and additional front camera. Most importantly the largest battery of all three phones. If you can live without these features, the S10e will be worth it.

On the other hand, you can choose to wait for the Galaxy S10 5G model. This phone will come with a QVGA depth camera that supports time of flight. This means that the camera makes use of lasers to assess the distance between itself and an object. We haven’t had this technology available on the back camera of any phone yet. Well, this will be interesting, to say the least!

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