Firefox Private Network: Mozilla’s standalone VPN Service is in Beta

You all must have used the Firefox once in your lifetime, and for some, it is their favorite browser to surf the internet. Good news for the fans, the company behind Firefox Browser, known as Mozilla, is releasing their VPN service. The Firefox Private Network standalone app will be available on Windows, Android, and Chromebooks. And soon you can use it on macOS, iOS, and Linux devices as well.

The VPN is not officially released yet; it’s still in beta version. To sign up, you will need an invite; after receiving the invitation link, you can subscribe for the FPN account on your device. Unfortunately, it’s not free like the Firefox Browser – to use this service, there is a subscription charge $4.99/month.

What’s new in Firefox Private Network?

For the five dollars, it features WireGuard Protocol for better and more secure performance like the ExpressVPN. You can have access to 30 available locations with connection for 5 devices at the same time. In addition to that, it works with any browser and all apps on your Windows 10, Chrome OS, or Android Smartphones. Moreover, Mozilla promises not to spy on your search history or your network traffic.

How about Opera built-in VPN?

Opera offers browser based built-in VPN service, but they do not guarantee privacy or not to spying on your network traffic and browser history. Firefox VPN features the WireGuard Protocol which provides enhanced level of security. However, Opera VPN is free for everyone on any device but it’s not available as standalone app.

On the other hand, FPN is a paid service which is currently available for US only. However, Mozilla aims to release it’s VPN to more regions and on more platforms.

Is it a Good deal?

A VPN service charging $4.99 a month in a limited-time beta pricing with all these features looks like a bargain to me at this moment. The prices may rise when the VPN is fully released. However, if you’re interested in this VPN service, sign-up for an invite to enter the waiting list.

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