Best Surface Go 3 and Go 2 Deals in July 2022

While the market is brimming with several amazing products, only a few often make it to the frontline. And nothing beats the competition as incredibly as the remarkable sale on the Microsoft Surface tablets. Today, we bought you the best Surface Go Deals of July 2022 available on Amazon and Microsoft Store.

Currently, there are three variants of the Microsoft Surface Go tablet available for the consumers. All three comes with 4GB RAM and 8GB RAM. These models come with various CPUs that includes Intel Core i3-10100Y, Pentium 6500Y, and Pentium Gold Processor 4415Y. Similarly, there are two different options available for internal storage as well.

The price of Pentium 6500Y based Surface Go 3 4GB/64 GB model is $399.99, whereas the 8GB/128 GB is available for $549.99. However, if you get the chance to visit the Microsoft store, then you can easily find some of the best deals on which you can purchase the new Surface Go tablet.

July Deals on Microsoft Surface Go 3 and Go 2

If you are on a budget and looking for an Apple iPad alternative, then you need not look any further. Here are the best Microsoft Surface Go deals available today.

Launched back in 2018, the Surface Go is a powerful Windows 10 tablet with a 10-inch display and all the premium features of Surface Pro. And the best part is it comes at almost half the price to that of Surface Pro.

From the outside, you can’t spot much of a difference as it features the same magnesium body, and it pretty much feels the same as the Pro series, but just a more baby version of it packing quite the punch.

Are you interested in purchasing the Microsoft Surface Go 3 on July 2022 Sale? Here are some of the best deals you can get!

Official Surface Go 3 Deals

Product Price
Go 3 Essentials Bundle
Save Now
Surface Go 3 Tablet Only
Save Now

Amazon Deals on Surface Go 3

Product Deal Price
Pentium 4GB RAM 64GB SSD
Save Now
Pentium 8GB RAM 128GB SSD
Save Now
Core i3 – 8GB RAM 128GB SSD
Save Now

Official Surface Go 2 Deals

Product Deal Price
Go 2 Essentials Bundle
Save Now
Surface Go 2 Tablet Only
Save Now

Amazon Deals on Surface Go 2

Product Deal Price
Save Now
Save Now
Save Now

Amazon Renewed Surface Go (1st Gen)

Product Deal Price
Save Now
Save Now
Save Now

Bundle up with Essential Surface Go 3 and Go 2 Accessories to save more

If you’ve already made up your mind to purchase the new Surface Go 3, then how about you add a few attractive and useful accessories? Bundle it up with the right tools and get the best performance.

Surface Go Signature Type Cover

No Windows 10 tablet is complete unless it pairs up with the best keyboard, and Surface Go Signature Type Cover can allow you just that. With this Type Cover, you can easily add a complete keypad device to your device and convert it into a fully functional laptop.

The Type Cover is ultra-slim, which comfortably sits on top of any smooth surface, giving you the maximum comfort to type in without having any concern. If you want to control navigation, there’s also a trackpad similar to the one you have on a laptop. Just guide your finger through the trackpad to move the mouse cursor on your Surface Go device.

All the four colors including Black, Cobalt Blue, Burgundy, and Platinum are available on both Amazon and Microsoft Store.

Surface Mobile Mouse

Another great addition to your Surface Go accessory arsenal is the ultimate Surface Mobile Mouse. The mouse is pleasantly light and very portable, so you can easily carry it around with you wherever you want.

It is extremely smooth when it comes to its navigation and scrolling features. Plus, since it’s Bluetooth mouse, you don’t have to worry about the wires. Also, if you are not satisfied with the standard mouse color, then there’s good news for you. This mouse comes in 3 different colors.

Alternatively, you can go for Surface Arc as well, but Mobile Mouse is cheaper.

Surface Earbuds

Who doesn’t prefer to listen to sweet music, and while you can get the best headphones from various online stores, nothing meets the quality requirement that Microsoft has to offer. Surface Earbuds are the perfect listening components that you can add to your Surface Go accessory list.

These earbuds are designed to provide you voice control features and immersive sound experience for listening to your favorite tracks, attending calls and whatnot. One of the most interesting features of Surface Earbuds is the long-lasting battery life. These earbuds are the perfect comfortable fit for any ear type. So if you haven’t made up your mind, now might just be the time.

Need cheaper options? Check out the Best Wireless Earbuds under $50.

Surface Slim Pen 2

Microsoft Surface Go is an excellent device for taking digital notes; you should gear it up with the new Surface Slim Pen 2. The ergonomic design of the Slim Pen is incredibly lightweight and feels more comfortable on hands than the Surface Pen.

Typically, we’ve noticed after using Surface Pen for a couple of hours, your hands start straining, and you might have to rest it up a bit. However, that’s certainly not the case with the new rechargeable Surface Slim Pen.

Moreover, the best part is it’s compatible with all the Microsoft Surface devices. You can expect it to work with all the existing and future laptops and tablets.

You can also get the standard round shaped Surface Pen for $70 or less on Amazon.

Surface USB-C to USB Adapter

It’s a great choice If you are looking to connect super-fast SSD Flash Drive to your Surface Go. Or you can use it for a keyboard mouse or whatever you like.

The adapter is compatible with all the variants, including the new Surface Duo and future generations of the Microsoft Surface series. You can find it at the Microsoft’s official store for a very reasonable price.

Even if you’re not planning to attach anything for the moment, keeping this adapter with you can come in handy at many locations, for instance, office meetings.

There is also a USB-C to HDMI and USB-C to Ethernet Port Adapter available on Amazon and Microsoft Store.

Kensington Privacy Screen Protector

The best way to keep your screen safe from prying eyes is to add a privacy glass screen protector. It will ensure that people sitting next to you on the subway or in a coffee shop can’t sneak in at what you’re doing.

The Kensington Privacy Screen Protector is an incredible accessory for your Surface Go. It offers you maximum security from all those who are deliberately willing to take a look at your screen.

So whether you’re dealing with confidential data that belongs to your organization or it contains crucial and indispensable information, this screen protector will ensure to keep it all safe for you.

Hex Surface Go Sleeve

It is one of the best and Microsoft’s recommended sleeve for Surface Go. The Hex Sleeve is designed from a water-resistant nylon material to protect your devices from water-splash. Moreover, it is quite relaxing and soothing in touch and feels.

It also has an external zipper pocket to keep essential accessories, like your earbuds, mouse, and charger.

There is a Surface Pen holder inside the sleeve to mount your Surface Go Pen.

For those who like to carry around their tablet with them and supposedly living in a location where rain takes place more often, then the Hex Sleeve is a savior and the right choice.

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