Best Surface Pro Deals in July 2022

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The launch of the Microsoft Surface Pro became a massive hit in the market. These high-end Windows tablets became a trademark for the 2-in-1 laptop that money can buy. Microsoft Store and other retailers are offering significant discounts on Surface Pro 8, Pro X, and Pro 7 Plus. Today, we bought you the best Surface Pro deals available in July 2022.

Microsoft Surface Pro is one of the best 2-in-1 tablets that you can easily carry around with you anywhere.

Whether you’re searching up a Surface Pro for your office needs or you, want one for your personal use. Get your hands on one of these best convertible laptops by availing it from the Microsoft Store or any retailers at relatively discounted prices.

Best Microsoft Surface Pro Deals

When it comes to Microsoft Surface devices, it offers a broad spectrum of hardware specs that you can easily find in your preferred price brackets. However, we realized that the old deals have dried out, and it’s time that you might be searching for some great new offers. We were hoping you could save your precious time and cash, so instead of letting you go on a scavengers hunt, we have brought the best deals Surface Pro to you. 

Search your favorite device and pick on a best deal below:

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Deals

Microsoft has unveiled its latest Surface Pro 8 series, which boasts excellent specs and a detachable keyboard that make it a powerful laptop alternative.

The Pro 8 model comes in several configurations, with 8, 16, or 32GB of RAM, and SSD storage options from 128GB to 1TB. The processors available are 11th Gen quad-core Intel i5 and quad-core i7, both with Intel Iris Xe graphics.

The Surface Pro 8 comes with Windows 11 Home and Thunderbolt 4 support. Battery life has improved slightly compared to last year’s Surface Pro. It is also updated with a 120Hz screen.

If you want an excellent screen resolution with the latest processor, then we suggest you to settle for Surface Pro 8.

Microsoft Surface Pro X Deals

It is without a doubt that the Surface Pro X is one of the most beautiful and the best iPad Pro alternatives right now. Featuring a 13-inch display, razor-thin bezels, and a slightly curvy Aluminum body, the Surface Pro X merely looks impressive. However, as far as their performance metrics are concerned, Surface Pro X has everything similar to offer as compared to Surface Pro 7 only with a sleeker design touch.

In short, what we can say is that the Pro X has the wow-factor that Pro 7 was lacking.

It looks and feels pretty much the same as iPad Pro. But sadly, the Surface Pro X lacks the latest Wi-Fi standard. It doesn’t have the Wi-Fi 6 support, which you may find in Pro 7. There is also no Type-A port, which I think is worth mentioning here, so you might’ve to work with a dongle device. Otherwise, this device is the perfect fit for your home and office.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ and Pro 7 Deals

If you’re looking for a chunkier one, then look no further than the upgraded Surface Pro 7+. The latest model of Surface Pro 7 is available with the 11th Gen Intel i7 and i5 processors. It also features higher screen resolution and the Type-C USB port, which did not exist in the earlier variants. Moreover, Microsoft has also worked on amplifying the battery life of the new Surface Pro 7.

As far as user accessibility is concerned, the kickstand on the new Surface Pro 7 Plus is remarkable. It can rotate from 0 to 165 degrees giving an ultimate choice to its users to transform their tablet into a laptop. Other features include the magnetizing effect on the side, which allows you to attach the Surface Pen to the tablet. You can easily add the keyboard to the whole thing as well. If you want an excellent screen resolution with the latest processor, then Pro 7 is what we recommend.

Otherwise, you should look in to the Surface Pro 6 deal as there isn’t much of a difference. Here is the full comparison of Surface Pro 7 vs Pro 6.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Deals (Certified Refurbished)

Ultralight and very versatile, the Surface Pro 6 is the preceding model compared to Surface Pro 7. The device features an 8th Generation Intel CPU and brings the fastest Windows 11 experience to you. It also features a rear kickstand just like the Surface Pro 7, which allows you easy accessibility. You can now set your device to quickly meet your desired requirements of giving it the perfect look and feel of a laptop.

The device features a 12.3-inch touchscreen for easy navigation. It also has a long-lasting battery life, which extends up to 13.5 hours on video playback. You can also find a Surface Pen support, and it also features a front-facing and back camera for recording and capturing photos.

Sadly, it doesn’t have the USB Type-C port, which is available in the Surface Pro 7. Otherwise, it has everything you need.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5th Gen (2017) Amazon Renewed

The Surface Pro 2017 (aka Surface Pro 5th Gen) is only available on Amazon as Renewed unit. It is also a great laptop, but a much older variant compared to the above discussed. And sadly, it does not support the latest Windows 11.

It features a 7th Gen Intel Processor, which is a slightly upgraded version of the Surface Pro 4. With a rock-solid body and a rear kickstand to prop it up makes it easy to work for everyone.

If you are searching for a cheapest Surface Pro deals, then this is the only option you have.

Best Deals on Surface Pro Accessories

No Surface Pro is complete without its accessories. If you want a laptop experience, you’ll need a Keyboard and Mouse. For notetaking and sketching, you will have to buy a Surface Pen as well.

Now Microsoft Store doesn’t offer good deals on its Surface accessories. However, you can find better prices with online retailers like Amazon and Tiger Direct.

Surface Pro 7 & 6 Signature Type Cover

If you want to add a keyboard experience to your Surface Pro tablet, then Type Cover is the best option there is. It is compatible with all the models of Surface Pro, including 5th Gen, Pro 6, and the newer Pro 7. However, you need to buy it separately unless you get a bundle deal. It has a magnetic flap that places the keyboard at a comfortable angle. The Surface Pro Type Cover features large physical keys and an improved trackpad.

Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard Type Cover

It’s the same features and functionalities, but it is specially designed for the Microsoft Surface Pro X. The Surface Pro X Type Cover is sleek and compact and brings fantastic tracking features, just like the Surface Pro Type Cover. The trackpad allows precise navigation and includes the function keys. The keys on the keyboard offer a very comfortable typing experience giving you a smooth typing flow with an incredible writing experience on your device. There’s also a built-in storage feature for Surface Slim Pen, where you can easily add your pen. However, it’s a bit expensive than Surface Pro Type Cover.

Surface Pen

Unlike the slim version, the Surface Pen is also a great addition to your Surface Pro 7 and Pro 6. It is lightweight and easy to use, and the best part about this pen is that it doesn’t create any hand strains irrespective of the time of its usage. The Surface Pen supports tilt shading and comes with a good pressure sensitivity giving the ultimate drawing and notetaking experience for those high on writing with a pen. So just in case, if you want to spend some extra bucks to get yourself a virtual device, it is not a bad option.

Surface Slim Pen

Do you have a knack for making sketches, then the Slim Pen can be an incredible addition to your Surface Pro X accessory arsenal. The Surface Slim Pen comes with a rechargeable battery life. It gives you a very relaxing and comfortable feel when you’re holding the device and using it to design. With the Surface Slim Pen, you can turn your tablet into a powerful and highly creative tool. If you want to create some amazing designs on your Surface Pro X, then the Slim Pen is the best option.

Surface Arc Mouse

Last but certainly not least on our list is the Surface Arc Mouse. If you are looking for a mouse that is sleek and lightweight, then the Microsoft Surface Arc is everything you need. It has all the features which you might be searching up in a mouse. Moreover, it is easy to use and comfortably light as well. The Arc Mouse can swiftly flatten up on any surface and can also be used as a trackpad. The mouse is certainly unique in design and is undoubtedly a great addition to your Surface Pro accessories.

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