Best Surface Pro 7 Cases in 2022

The Surface Pro 7 from Microsoft is our top pick for the best 2-in-1 for the past few years. This slim convertible tablet can go almost anywhere with you. However, this super-portable laptop is no good if it gets damaged while you carry it around. This is why you need the best case for your Surface Pro 7, providing you with the additional layer of security from dents, scratches, and cracks. In addition, we also recommend buying the best screen protector for Surface Pro.

How we pick these Cases and Covers?

There are many different case styles available, each with its own advantages. Some cases are designed solely for protection, while others offer extra storage or present the Surface Pro as more of an executive device. We’ve searched through countless Surface Pro 7 cases to find the best of the best, so you don’t have to.

Can I use Surface Pro 6 Case with the Pro 7?

There have been a lot of changes under the hood in Surface Pro 7+ and Pro 7; the addition of USB-C and better processor configurations is one. Although, dimensions are the same as its previous models so, you can use any of Surface Pro 6 case with it. However, the newer model is slimmer in size therefore we have created a separate list for Surface Pro 8 Cases.

Types of Surface Pro Cases and Cover

There is a wide assortment of Tablet Cases available in terms of design. Some common types are:

  • Rugged: Hard Shell material comes with Military Grade Protection.
  • Folio: Comes in High Quality Leather and Luxury Fabric with Waterproof properties.
  • Shockproof: Looks like Rugged Cases but light-weight with protection from bumps and drops.

Why you need a Case for protection?

Covers offer protection and they carry other utilitarian features. Some of the Cases comes with removable shoulder straps and others with handles for holding and mounting your device. All of these make a Surface Pro 7 & Pro 7+ safe and easy to use. Moreover, you can easily secure Surface Pen with stylus holder and allows you install a keyboard when required. Irrespective of your budget there are many choices to consider.

Before you go any further, please keep in mind this topic is only about the Cases and Covers. If you are looking for Surface Pro 7 Sleeves and Bags for your device, you can check out our other article. We also have covered Surface Book 3 Cases list for Microsoft Surface Book owners.

Best Surface Pro 7 Rugged Cases

The rugged cases are the best Surface Pro 7 Covers that you can put on your tablet. These are long-wearing and can withstand scratches as well as daily impacts like a pro. It acts as a protective shield for your tablet and allow convenient access to all the ports. Most of the rugged covers comprise military-grade materials. Some of them come with a double layer design which ensures the accidental drops. These are best to absorb impact and leave tablets unaffected.

Urban Armor Gear Metropolis

Urban Armor comes with a beautiful tactile grip surface and an impact-resistant build quality. An integrated Surface Pen holder is a handy addition. Urban Armor’s Metropolis features a sturdy aluminium kickstand and it neatly folds back into the case when not in use. Kickstand also has five different angular positions for viewing comfort. Ergonomic design of this Case allows easy integration with Microsoft Type Cover keyboard.

On the top of it the UAG Metropolis is made of MIL-STD-810G 516.6 material that can protect the Tablet from falls as high as 4ft.

  • Metal stand feels solid.
  • Case doesn’t show fingerprints or scratches with daily use.
  • Overall build quality is rugged.
  • Surface of the case doesn’t gather lint when carried in a bag.
  • Pull tab for keyboard assembly feels a little flimsy in comparison with overall build.

MoKo Rugged Cover Case

Here is another Rugged Surface Pro 7 & 7+ Case with a Kick-stand which comes with a built-in Surface Pen holder. A combination of flexible TPU and sturdy polycarbonate gives it the durability. It also comes with a hand strap which makes tablet easy to carry, and hold it conveniently. Moreover, the accuracy of the cut-outs shows in the ease of connecting the cables to the ports. Also the secure strap in the corner holds the Type Cover in place.

Overall, the design of MoKo Rugged Case is bulky but comes the lightweight profile which makes it easy to carry around.

  • Reinforced corners provide extra protection.
  • Raised bezels protect the screen.
  • It is a keyboard compatible case.
  • Cut-outs are very accurate but tight. Using the headphone jack feels difficult.

Kensington Blackbelt 2nd Degree Rugged Case

Kensington Blackbelt is a rugged case that complies with MIL-STD-810G testing conditions for drop tests. Neat Type Cover channel makes this protective cover unique. You can easily assemble keyboard attachment with the case still on. A self-adjusting kickstand adds to the convenience. You can tuck the stand easily in level with the case when not in use. Multiple viewing angles feel comfortable with this wide, easy to adjust the stand. Surface Pen holder on one side allows easy access.

Bezels are slightly raised on the front and back to protect the screen and the back of the Surface Pro 7.

  • You can easily fold keyboard backward for tablet mode.
  • Broad hand straps give a nice grip to hold the tablet.
  • A well-built case, it features a non-slip surface.
  • The case feels a little tight which makes it difficult putting it on & taking it off.

Urban Armor Gear PLASMA

Toughness in build resembles that of Metropolis from the same brand. Along with this, it features a shoulder strap. You can remove the strap when not in use. With a MIL-STD-810G-516 drop test compliant build, this one is built for outdoor use. Surface Pen holder is strategically positioned on the top. Slim retractable kick-stand allows use with Type Cover attachment on a desk.

The build feels sturdy and all the parts like strap complement the quality.

  • Lightweight and Sturdy.
  • The 360 degrees rotatable strap supports multiple holding positions.
  • The grip and tactile finish strap feel convenient to use even with sweaty palms.
  • No strap is available to hold the Surface Type Cover in place when you fold and store it.

MAXCases Extreme Shell

With a polycarbonate core, it also has silicone edges for protecting the Tablet from bumps. MAXCases Extreme Shell comes with a hard layer for protection and the soft impulse absorbing silicone. You can protect the tablet from daily wear and tear. The wide kickstand folds back in place without a trace. For convenience, this case contains a pen holder on one side. Clear exteriors show off the elegance of your Surface Pro as it is.

MAXCase is a Surface Keyboard compatible case. You can utilize all the features and access to all the ports.

  • Dual-layer case design allows dependable protection.
  • The non-slip edge on the kickstand tightly holds the set angle.
  • Military-grade Mil-Std 810 build quality feels solid.
  • Pen holder feels too tight.

ProCase Hybrid Protective Case

Kickstand, holding and shoulder strap, this Surface Pro 7 carrying case has them all. Along with these convenience features comes reliable protection. Features such as a 3 layer design with polycarbonate and TPU makes it outstanding. Durability to extend life comes as a part of the design. Ability to absorb shocks protect tablet and the screen. Also, it comes with removable shoulder strap which feels convenient.

Slim kickstand locks securely in place for better viewing in Tablet and Laptop modes. Cutouts for camera, speaker, and all the ports are accurate.

  • Convenient shoulder strap adjustments allow hanging the tab from different places.
  • Kickstand and holding strap rotate 360 degrees for an ergonomic hold.
  • It’s a heavy case and adds extra bulk when you carry in your bag.


Made of polycarbonate, this Surface Pro 7+ carrying case is durable and can thwart the impact of drops and bumps. Corners come with a reinforced design for extra protection. Raised bezels protect the body of the Tablet including the screen and the camera lens stay protected from scratches. The Armor-X NXT-MS-SFP6 is not much bulkier as compare to it’s competitor and can easily fit on your device. Moreover, the hand strap feels convenient to hold the Tablet single-handed.

Armor-X comes with mounting feature which allows it to mount the Tablet on tripod. This might be one of the best feature for some people, specially users from Industrial and Engineering sectors.

  • Armor-X has a snug form-fitting design.
  • It comes with smart keyboard support.
  • You get to choose from a huge selection of mount designs.
  • You would have to spend extra to pick additional mounts and adapters.


Slim and trim, in its fit, the DUX Shell allows the use of Type Cover with the case attached. The pen holder is accessible from the front while using the Tablet. It features a transparent back that elevates the elegance of the Surface Pro 7. Bumpers on the edges feature a textured finish to prevent slipping from the surface. Precision in design allow convenient installation and removal of the case.

Meeting MIL STD 810G standard for the drop test you have something rugged to hold on to.

  • Detachable Pen Holder can be removed.
  • Ample ventilation is available to prevent heating of the tablet.
  • Case feels slightly heavier than most others in our list.

Best Surface Pro Folio Case Covers

No doubts, rugged cases protect the device from impact. Surface Pro Folio Cover offers better protection for the screen and the back body. When you carry the tablet in your bag, it helps to protect the tablet. Also add a chic touch to allow you to carry your tablet in style. Minimalistic businesses use designs to cases with bold prints for a statement look are all easy to find. Even these cases bring multiple features like the pen holder, kickstand, and more. Some of them also come with car slots or pouches and can be handy for travel.

Fintie Case (Business Cover)

Slim and elegant design; it allows convenient use of the Surface Pro along with a plethora of features. While using in the Tablet mode, the cover neatly tucks back. It protects the body of your device from scratches as well as the Surface Pro Type Cover when using it in laptop mode. It also comes with a kickstand feature to prop up the device which makes it easy to adjust the viewing angle.

  • Cut-outs are accurate allowing easy access.
  • An elasticated strap holds the kickstand in place.
  • Premium quality fabric gives a dapper touch to this Surface Pro Folio Case.
  • The elastic loop for Surface Pen gets loose with frequent use.

ProCase Premium Folio Cover

ProCase is a premium Leather Cover for Surface Pro 7+ and Pro 7 that gives stylish look and protection to your device. Soft interior fabric protects the Tablet from dust and scratches. Durable hook and loop mount holds the Tablet in position. As a Type Cover compatible this one supports multiple angles of viewing. Stylus holder provides secure storage of the Surface Pen. An elasticated closure holds the tablet in place.

Overall, slimness of the device remains same when the case is closed along with the keyboard attachment intact.

  • The design of the Case looks professional.
  • Keyboard attachment is easy with the case still on.
  • Viewing angle adjustments feel solid Leather Case.
  • Solid build quality of the Case adds extra weight.

ESR Multi-Angle Cover

ESR Cover has faux leather exteriors and lint-free microfiber lining. As a stylish business cover for Surface Pro 7, this one enhances the look. Feeling smooth to hold it doesn’t slip off your hands. The adjustable kickstand fits smoothly into the cover. You can try different viewing modes as the secure corner latches make mounting easy and keep the tablet firmly held in place. Precision in cut-outs allows access to all the ports with the case installed. Pen holder loop is positioned on the top. Flap with magnetic closure protects the pen as well when the case is closed. Added length of the case is to protect the tablet from drops.

  • Wrap-around closure holds the tablet securely.
  • Internal pocket for cards.
  • Thickness of the case gives that extra height for camera lens protection.
  • Need to handle the magnetic closure carefully to avoid bumping against the screen.


An elegant case with a subtle pop of color Infiland Cover is made of premium PU leather. Superior quality stitching complements the wear-resistant exteriors. The case provides excellent ventilation for the tablet. You can thus avoid overheating and not worry during extended usage of the device. Infiland Case also comes in a variety of color choices. With or without the keyboard attachment, the cover folds flat. You can charge the tablet without taking the case out. Handling data transfer is also easy and convenient. Case doesn’t affect normal operation of the tablet. Attaching the keyboard cover is smooth and secure.

  • Textured exteriors provide grip even on a smooth desk.
  • Pocket for cables and small accessories.
  • Durable exteriors resist scratches keeping the case looking new for a long time.
  • Unlike conventional design here your tablet fits on the left flap which might feel a little inconvenient.

Fintie Vegan Leather Folio Stand Cover

With a stylish marble finish, the cover is made of synthetic leather. The smooth microfiber inside the case protects the body of your Surface Pro 7 from smudges and scratches. Also, the durability of the material doesn’t show signs of wear and tear too soon. You can have full access to all the ports, and the keyboard can be conveniently docked as well. The Stylus Pen holder is available on the top of the case however, that might not be the convenient place for some people. Also, the magnetic flap can be fold back as a stand which help you to mount or place the device on a table without using the Surface Pro Kick-stand.

  • Lightweight design.
  • Offers a decent level of protection for daily use.
  • Elastic strap to hold the case closed.
  • It provides flat closure even with the keyboard attached.
  • There are only 3 viewing angles possible with this case.

MoKo Smart Slim Shell

One of the slimmest folio covers, it features a slick, minimalist design. MoKo Smart Slim Shell is made of PU leather that makes it look sleek and lightweight. On the inside, there is soft lint-free microfiber lining protecting the body of the device from scratches and smudges. Secure magnetic closure holds the case closed when not in use. To improve convenient access to the entire screen, it comes without any bezels and offers 360 protection of your device including the Surface Pro Type Cover.

So far, this is once of the affordable Surface Pro Case with premium design and material.

  • Case looks trendy and lasts long.
  • Slim design with solid build quality.
  • Hard polycarbonate shell at the back.
  • Lack of provision to lock viewing angle is a turn-off.

Best Surface Pro 7+ and Pro 7 Shockproof Cases

The Shockproof Cover might not shield the tablet from heavy drops but it do give bumper protection from dents. These cases can take care of mild impacts with daily use, slight bumps at the edges. They are worthy investments. Shockproof Cases offer snug fit design and scratch-resistant build quality. These fit like a tight skin on the tablet and allow convenient use of the ports.

Incipio Octane Pure

Incipio Octane Pure is a translucent Surface Pro 7 Hard Cover. A unique co-molded design is a catchy aspect with a blend of two sturdy material that gives double layer of protection. Scratch-resistant design keeps the tablet as good as new for a long time. Here is a lightweight case which is easy to install. Compatible with a Surface kickstand the case fits snugly. Case has a ‘Studio Mode’ for additional adjustment of the viewing angle. The tablet in this mode inclines at a convenient 7-degree angle for viewing and editing. While protecting the case from minor impacts, this one also offers a good grip.

  • It securely holds the Surface Pen at a convenient spot.
  • It’s a slim-shell Hard Case with Military Grade protection.
  • Translucent design show-off the beautiful finish of your Surface Pro 7.
  • Tight cut-outs at the port make it difficult to connect accessories.
  • Due to the design, you cannot charge your device with the kickstand folded in.

Urban Armor Gear PLYO

UAG Plyo sports a clear design with features of military-grade materials like that in rugged cases. Precise design allows easy access to buttons. You can also use the entire screen. As a Surface Pro 7+ Shockproof Case it can be used with Surface Pro Signature Type Cover. The case comes with a MIL STD 810G 516.6 compliant build quality. Tablet can, therefore, be protected from most accidental falls. Built-in kickstand is easy to adjust for viewing. So you can use the tablet at different angles. Installing and using keyboard attachment feels comfortable with the case.

  • Infinity design kickstand adjusts easily.
  • UAG Plyo has both a rugged armor shell and impact-absorbing soft-core.
  • Honeycomb design on the exteriors gives a confident grip.
  • Pull tab at the corner for securing keyboard is of poor quality.

Which Protective Case is best for your Surface Pro 7?

Some have a protective sleeve over their tablets. Others simply stash their tablets inside their bags. You might use and store your tablet in a way convenient for you. You can choose a suitable case depending on how you use it. There is a vast selection of Microsoft Surface Pro Cases and Covers designs available. You have many choices. The following 3 Cases are all-rounders.

  • MoKo Rugged Cover Case
  • INFILAND Cover
  • Kensington Blackbelt 2nd Degree Rugged Case

Others have their perks. These three are the Surface Pro Case options where the pros outweigh the cons. They come with a sturdy build. These are worthy long term investments for your expensive gadget. The multiple features that add to the convenience of using the tablet. They can thus help tap into the full potential of your Surface Pro 7. These are slim in their profile. You can also use a hybrid system of protection with these cases. Without removing the case each time, you can install the keyboard attachment. You can also slide the tablet with the case on, inside a snug fit sleeve. It is convenient to store the tablet with the Case in a bag. You get to choose how to use the cases. Cases like these help extend the life of your tablet. You can easily preserve its value as well.

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