Best 2023 Amazon Upcoming Black Friday Deals

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Amazon has always been everyone’s favorite when it comes to online shopping. Last year Amazon Black Friday Deals surprised us by Laptop deals starting from $99. Amazon is definitely the store you would want to watch out for on Black Friday.

According to New York Post the 2022 Cyber Monday hit nearly 11 billion in sales. Black Friday is always a big day for top retailers like Walmart and Best Buy, but for Amazon; it’s always a record-breaking event. As last year, Black Friday was a record-breaking event for Amazon where they saw Amazon sales increase by millions.

The Amazon is one of the top retailers and the 2023’s Black Friday will once again be a big day for the company.

When is Amazon Black Friday in 2023?

Amazon Black Friday 2023 Deals

The 2023 Black Friday will start on 24 November, technically start from Friday. Amazon might start some Early Black Friday deals so they might hit on 1st November. Amazon always tries to run some sales for a longer period of time than other retailers. The best and biggest deals might start from November 24th, 2023, till Cyber Monday.

What’s new this year?

Gamers would not want to miss this year’s Black Friday because of the deals on Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox bundles. You can also see some nice discounts on TVs too. All of these products just released in the past three four months and would get great price cuts.

Amazon’s own products like Amazon Echo Buds, Amazon Echo Studio and Amazon Echo Dot will also get some great price cuts. We saw these products at half price last year, which might be the same this year too.

Amazon Black Friday TV Deals

Amazon Black Friday always have some great deals on TVs whether they are cheap models or high-end models. Most of the TVs get price cuts especially the 4K models. Every brand cut great amount of price on their products on older version while most of the companies release new models especially for Black Friday.

Whether you’re looking to buy a Samsung 4K TV model or Toshiba’s Fire TV model, all of them will be on sale during Black Friday. Last year Toshiba’s 50-inches Fire TV model got $100 price won Amazon while a surprising $700 discount on Samsung’s 65-inches curved 4K TV. Sony’s 77-inch UHD TV price dropped from $18,000 to $7,988.

Another thing to look for is that a lot of companies introduce new products only for the event. You will hear its name for the first time with no reviews, no comparison and no price history. So be careful when you’re buying a new TV for yourself, make sure to buy the best and affordable TV.

Laptop Deals during Black Friday

Amazon always offers nice deals on laptops but during Black Friday, the deals go on fire. Budget laptops get nice price cuts. Gaming Laptops also get huge discounts on Amazon. Top-rated brands like ASUS and MSI are expected to drop their prices. Chromebooks and other low-end computers can also get great discounts so make sure to keep an eye on every deal during Black Friday. Meanwhile you can check latest deals on Surface Pro and Surface Go on our website.

We can expect the same discount on Laptops as last year’s event.  With up to 20% discounts, prices can drop up to $200-$300. The Celeron-based machines and Chromebooks can start from $99. You can expect the same discounts on Amazon UK too.

Amazon Black Friday Gaming Deals

In addition to laptops and TVs, Amazon also offers great deals on Gaming consoles and accessories too. Gaming consoles are always a big seller during Black Friday so expect to see great deals this year too. Expect great price cuts on Xbox One S, PS 4 and PS 4 Pro this year.

Adults Playing Video Games on Xbox One or Play Station

You’ll also see great discounts on Gaming accessories too such as headsets and controllers. Also watch out for PlayStation plus membership, Amazon offers it very cheap during Black Friday. Amazon also offers console and games bundles that can save you from spending separately on games.

Smartphone and Tablet Deals during Black Friday

If you’re a $100-$200 short on money and looking for a new smartphone or tablet, don’t worry because Black Friday might have you covered. Amazon offers nice deals on smartphones and tablets during Black Friday.

Last year, Samsung Galaxy S9 was up for sale on $519 instead of $719, this year we are expecting huge price drop on Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra. There were also nice discounts on Moto X4 and Huawei Mate SE. If you want something bigger like a tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 was on discount of $100 last year. So, it’s expected that smartphones and tablet will have the same nice price cuts as last year.

Amazon has offered discounts on almost every iPad in 2019. Discounts starting from $20 to $300 making Amazon everyone’s favorite store while buying iPads. So, it’s possible that Amazon can beat its last year’s low starting price for iPads and other smartphones.

Best Audio and Headphone Deals on Amazon Black Friday

Amazon also offers discounts on gaming headphones and wireless earbuds. If you’re planning on buying a headphone, you should definitely wait for Black Friday deals where discounts start from $20 up to $100.

Amazon Headphones Deals 2023

Last year Amazon dropped the price of Jabra Elites by $50 and Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8s by $100. JBL’s rival were up for sale for just $99 with a surprising $140 off. So, you should definitely look into audio deals during Black Friday. Whether you’re buying headphones, wireless earbuds or Bluetooth speakers, everything is on sale during Black Friday.

Camera Deals during Black Friday

During Black Friday, huge discounts were observed for camera deals. Black Friday is a great time to buy a new camera or upgrade your camera kit by buying some lens. Last year, Sony Alpha A9 body was chopped a $1000 of its original price. Sony Alpha 7 II was also on discount of $740.

Best Amazon Deals on Cameras

The Canon EOS 7D Mark II observed $450 discount while a $400 off on the EOS 80D. Amazon UK discounts were mainly on small cameras. There were no price cuts on high-end cameras, only the compact cameras observed some discounts.

Instant Pots on Black Friday

As far as Black Friday is concerned, Instant Pots will always make the list in getting discounts. Like every year, we expect the same price cuts on instant pots this year. Last year the Instant Pot Duo 80 was up for sale on $79 instead of $139.

There are other kitchen gadgets too that will get discounts this Black Friday. Other gadgets like Ninja’s Foodie and Anova Sous Vide precision cooker are also expected to drop their prices during this event. So, it’s a nice opportunity to buy some kitchen gadgets for yourself.

Early Black Friday Deal on 4K Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV stick gets an early price cut, so if you’re looking to snatch a pre-event deal, we have got you covered. Amazon has 4K Fire TV up for sale for $34.99 instead of $49.99. The 4th generation Fire TV stick is also on sale for $24.99 instead of $39.99.

If you don’t know about Amazon Fire TV Sticks, we can give you a brief look.  It actually lets you to stream your content in 4K Ultra HD. You just need to plug the Fire Stick into your TV and connect to the internet. Now you can watch your favorite movies in 4k Ultra HD from apps like Amazon prime, Netflix or Hulu.

It also has an Alexa voice remote so you can control your TV completely hands-free. You get access to thousands of channels and apps with the capacity of storing it too. Now let’s look at the early deals we found for Fire TV stick.

Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote $69.98 at Amazon

Access to thousands of apps and channels to stream your favorite content in 4k resolution Ultra HD and HDR. It comes with an Alexa Voice remote to control your TV completely hands-free. This product is currently on Sale for $69.98.

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote $39.99 $24.99 at Amazon

The 2nd generation Fire TV stick is on sale for $24.99 on Amazon. This streaming player features Alexa Voice Remote so you can launch TV shows and movies with your voice completely hands-free.

Amazon Black Friday Shopping Tips

Free shipping

As we all know that prime members receive two days free shipping on all orders. But if you’re a non-prime user and don’t want to sign up for free trial or already has used free trail, don’t worry. Amazon announced that non-prime users will also get free shipping on all orders just like the prime users.

Amazon Sale starts 1st November

Like every year, Amazon starts its Black Friday Deal Store on November 1 as an unofficial start to holiday shopping. You might get a good pre-event deal, but it’s recommended to wait for Thanksgiving week to get excellent discounts.

Amazon’s own Device are featured

As usual, every year as hundreds of thousands of deals are being placed on Amazon, they have their own line of products too. Every year, Amazon features their own products, and you might expect huge price cuts on them. Products like Kindle, Echo devices and Fire devices are going to get huge price cuts so make sure to keep a check on them.

Prime Day hints Amazon’s Black Friday prices

As every year Amazon introduces Prime day with thousands of low-priced deals, it might be observed that most of Prime Day deals are same as in Black Friday. So, you can expect the same prices on Black Friday as they offered on Prime Day.

Don’t miss Secret Deals

Every year, Amazon offers a deal or two that are very shocking and surprising. These deals last for a very short period of time. You just can’t miss what they’re offering. Like last year, Amazon offered a deal of Echo Dots for only $2. A single Echo Dot for only $1. So, make sure to snatch any of these secret deals on Amazon every Black Friday.

What to Expect from Amazon

On every big event, Amazon gives huge discounts on its own brands every year. Huge prices are cut from products like Fire TVs, Fire Tablets and Echo Show Smart Displays.

Amazon also offers great discount on other products like Ring Doorbells and other home security products. You can also get some great deals on laptops, 4K TVs, headphones and other accessories.

You can shop on Amazon by categories like Computers, kitchen accessories, cell phones, video games, cameras etc.  So, it means that you can expect price cuts on products of every category so make sure to keep an eye on it.

What we saw on last Black Friday and Prime Day

As shoppers around the world spend billions of dollars on millions of products every black Friday, Amazon also set groundbreaking rounds in this year’s Prime Day. According to Amazon, consumers saved more than $1 Billion on 2019’s Prime Day. So, there’s no way we can expect something less than that on November Sales.

During the previous big events, Amazon sold millions of their own products like the Fire TVs and Tablets, Echo Dots and Echo Show and other home appliances. This year, we might see better deals than last year on different products.

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