ExpressVPN Review – It is a Best VPN of 2020?

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The ExpressVPN allows you to access restricted websites and application without logging you personal information and activities. It is one of the Best VPN service that protect your privacy and information from hackers and government organizations.

Overview of Virtual Private Network

With the expansion of the internet and advancement in technology comes a serious issues – a gradual loss of privacy at every corner of the internet. Besides that, people also face the geo-restrictions problems which make some services unavailable to them as a function of where they are accessing such services.

To protect the privacy, Virtual Private Network (VPN) software were created. It allow users to mask their current data and protect themselves in more ways than one when connected to the internet. The ExpressVPN is an industry leader and the #1 most trusted VPN service provider in the world.

In this piece, we are going to take a holistic view at ExpressVPN. To see what the fuss is all about and determine if using the service is worth it at all.

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What is ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN Windows 10 App

ExpressVPN is one of the most highly-rated VPN providers in the market right now. The company launched its services in the year 2009. Since then they able to keep to its promise of giving customers additional security on the internet.

In addition to that, they also operate a model that allows users to connect to the internet while assuming another location much different from their current, physical addresses.

These they do by offering such customers a blazing fast connection on top of allowing them to choose from multiple servers in different countries around the world.

ExpressVPN is a premium brand, so it’s on the costlier side in the VPN market. However, it is argued that this price is justified in its service. Whether that is true or just a total fallacy, we will find that out in this article.

Features of ExpressVPN

There are a series of features that come together to make ExpressVPN what it is today. Some of those ExpressVPN features are:

Blazing Fast Speed

A speed test is one of the most relative tests that can be performed on VPNs since the results will be dependent on your actual location, speed of the internet connection and of course, what computer you are using.

There are a few reasons why a VPN slows internet speed down, namely the server location you’re connected to, the protocol you’re on, encryption level, and ISP speed limits (not to be confused with ISP throttling). A good VPN is one that is able to work around all factors that can be manipulated within its scope without sacrificing security and privacy.

Going to the numbers, a connection to the internet with ExpressVPN on a 100MBps network will yield up to 83MBps in download speed. The type of upload and download speeds offered by ExpressVPN makes it an ideal option for those using a VPN to stream or torrent. There is no bandwidth limit, which is also a reason why the ExpressVPN is an excellent service for data-heavy activities. Test it out yourself using free speed test tools on the trial period.

Multiple Servers

If you have been using VPNs for a while, chances are that you’ve been in a situation where you could not connect through the server of a particular country just because the server was clogged at that time.

ExpressVPN solves that problem by providing each and every user with as much as 2000 servers in no less than 94 countries of the world. They expand this further by giving you the chance to connect to any of 148 cities across those countries.

Zero Data Logging

The very reason why you are using a VPN service in the first place is to enhance your privacy. When the company that was supposed to do that then starts logging your data, what sorts of defeats the whole purpose of it.

ExpressVPN has emphatically stated it in their policies that they do not collect data about your online activity. The moment you log into your account, your data is encrypted in such a way that government agencies, hackers and even the ExpressVPN management do not have access to it anymore.

However, under standard VPN operating procedures, the service provider collects data such as

  • The total amount of data transfer per day (in MB).
  • The preferred choice of VPN server location.
  • Dates when the user connected to the service and
  • Apps/ app versions successfully activated.

Solid Encryption Codes

It is easy to fool the average users of VPNs with a mild level of security, but ExpressVPN has a reputation to protect. That is why they have opted for the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit cipher to encode all of the information you send across the internet via their service.

Rather than bore you with all the technical jargons, just know that this is the same type of encryption that the CIA and FBI use to protect the sensitive data they send. Need we say more about the strength of this security parameter?

Customer Support

You will agree with us that customer support for software services is facing a steady decline. In contrast, that is one of the biggest wins with ExpressVPN. They have integrated a live chat service which is available 24 hours a day, all 7 days of the week and for the entire 365 days of each year.

That is more than most providers can boast of.

To facilitate better communication across different channels, ExpressVPN also has a traditional contact form and support email addresses in store. They are also available via Live Chat to help you with any issue as fast as possible.

Multi-platform support

Having been following the features of ExpressVPN since the start of this list, you must have been wondering whether or not you will also be able to access the service on your device. We are glad to announce that the ExpressVPN is one of the biggest multi-platform suppliers you can opt for.

If you’ve got any of Windows, Mac, Android, Linux or iOS, the ExpressVPN rest assured that the service is there for you.

They are equally officially recognized on the application stores of these different platforms, increasing their trust rating. More than that, you get to see what customers are saying about them first-hand before you make the decision to commit.

Money-back Guarantee

ExpressVPN does not just tell you what it can do for you and expect you to believe everything hook, line, and sinker. They back up all their claims with a 30-day money back guarantee.

That goes a long way to build customer trust, giving you a safety net should you find out that the service is not for you.

Tor Compatibility

The Onion Router – usually called TOR for short – was developed for people that want to browse the internet in a highly-secure connection area.

On its own, the Tor network encapsulates packets of your data as it is being relayed between servers. That makes it difficult for hackers to snooping around to get access to such information. However, the hackers who are extremely motivated towards intercepting your data can wear down the firewall until they get access to your data.

Well, that is if they do not meet another layer of equally robust protection waiting for them on the other side – as provided by ExpressVPN.

This VPN has been specially designed to carry Tor functionalities out of the box. This means you can link up both services and enjoy an extremely high level of security across the internet.

Get Complete Protection: Tor Over VPN

While you might be comfortable using your Tor browser as it is, there is a case for giving this browser an extra layer of security.

Even though it is regarded the most secure browser available today, it has been around for enough time for people to have found a way around it. Especially if you are connecting to the internet out of countries where censorship laws are at their strictest, you will want to cover your bases appropriately.

Another advantage of using Tor over a VPN service is that it allows you to access the Tor network in areas where it is not even allowed at all.

If you would also like to use Tor over a VPN, here is how to connect your secure browser to one of the most reliable VPN services available:

  • Connect to the ExpressVPN network
  • Connect to the Tor Browser
  • Enjoy unlimited security on the internet

It is as simple as those three steps outlined above.

ExpressVPN Guide

ExpressVPN has established themselves as one of the best VPN service providers with a strong portfolio to prove that. More than that, we love the fact that they are also a leading resource in the aspect of providing relevant information in the internet security niche.

Since they are privacy expert themselves, they are in the best position to share such content. You will also be able to get a range of tutorials which aims to educate the readers on the latest practices in internet security and privacy.

Additionally, you get to access the necessary information to help set up your ExpressVPN network, troubleshoot problems and deal with loopholes on your own. The brand also prides itself to be a cyber-security expert knowledgeable on internet pitfalls, government surveillance and their effective counter-measures. For such resources and more, visit the ExpressVPN blog.

ExpressVPN for Wi-Fi Routers

Advantages and Disadvantages

Under this heading, we will be exploring the various pros and cons that make up the ExpressVPN network.

ExpressVPN Pros

  • Provision of high-speed connection to users.
  • Up to 2000 servers in 94 different countries allow connection and location-masking flexibilities. In those countries, you also get to connect to the servers in no less than 148 different cities.
  • Strict zero data logging policy ensures your data is safe from hackers, government agencies and ExpressVPN themselves.
  • Beginner friendly – The ExpressVPN service is easy to use and set up across platforms, requiring little to no technical know-how.
  • Support – Besides traditional email and contact form support models, ExpressVPN runs a 24/7 live chat feature kept active all 365 days of the year.
  • Kill Switch – In the event your network connection gets lost, ExpressVPN offers a kill switch function to instantly close all services and software you were running on their service. That protects your privacy even when your servers are down.
  • Multiple platform support enables the use of ExpressVPN on Android, Linux, Mac, Windows, iPhones, and iPads.
  • Browser integrations make it easy to launch the service. That helps to ensure you never forget to protect yourself before accessing the web.
  • Tor integration brings on an added layer of security to the already secure browser.
  • ExpressVPN allows for the torrent downloading and uploading.
  • The head-quarter of ExpressVPN is located in the British Virgin Islands which is not only a tax haven but allows the service (and its founders) keep their anonymity (and yours too).
  • FBI-Grade encryption level available for your data
  • Works for unblocking location-based premium services from providers such as Netflix.
  • ExpressVPN ranks well against multiple DNS, WebRTC and IP leak tests.
  • Wireless Router VPN – The ExpressVPN offers protection for your new Wi-Fi router which allows you to secure all outbound connections.

ExpressVPN Cons

  • Connection Limit – You can only connect a maximum of three devices to the same ExpressVPN service at once. This won’t pose much of an issue to those who are only concerned about their own security. However, it becomes an issue when you need privacy and security of an entire family or group of people.
  • Transparency – We understand that one of the ways to maintain total sexuality of user data is to go anonymous, but that is one of the red flags we could call into question for ExpressVPN.
    Even though they are responsible for millions of customers, there is no indication to suggest the person/ people behind it. Their website also noticeably lacks business contacts, and phone numbers other than access to their 24/7 customer service live chat. However, this is not an uncommon practice across top VPN companies. It’s a privacy business after all. If it allows them to keep your privacy intact, then it’s a totally fair bargain.
  • Pricing – The ExpressVPN pricing options are not exactly the cheapest on the market. Starting at $12.95/ month, you will have to shell out some money yearly to stay protected on the internet. Looking at what they provide for that price though, you sure get a good value for your money. The great news is ExpressVPN is now offering a discount coupon that takes 49% off their regular subscription, so grab them before they’re gone.

ExpressVPN Review - Is it a Best VPN of 2019?

Verdict: Is it a Best VPN?

ExpressVPN strikes a great balance between advanced protection and internet speed. Coupling the tool with TOR gives absolutely leak-proof anonymity, making ExpressVPN the ultimate choice for anyone seeking a secure, private and high-speed browsing experience.

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