Best Surface Pro 7 Screen Protectors for 2022

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A screen protector is the most important accessory for your new Surface Pro 7. It is a necessary investment to safeguard the display of your device from scratches and damages. Here we’ve compiled the list of the best Surface Pro 7 screen protectors for you to choose from!

Types of Screen Protectors

For Surface Pro there are two types of protectors that are available:

  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  • TPU Film Screen Protector

A Tempered Glass Screen Protector offers excellent clarity and great protection from fall. On the other hand, TPU Film Protectors have better touch sensitivity and accuracy for Surface Pen.

For everyday use, a Tempered Glass is a good option. It offers high-definition screen clarity and smooth touch experience. However, if you are a creator or work in a digital art and game designing industry, a TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) plastic screen protector is the best option.

Now, it is up to you to choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Best Surface Pro 7 Screen Protectors in 2022

  • OMOTON: Highly responsive & scratch resistant Glass Protector
  • Spigen: Best brand, touch sensitive with Life-time Warranty
  • Megoo: Best-rated anti-scratch screen protector
  • SPARIN: Surface Pen compatible Tempered Glass
  • iCarez: Overall best, easy to apply and cheap in price
  • Skinomi: Best Screen Protector for Digital Artists and Creators
  • ArmorSuit: Cheapest but quality Anti-Glare Matte Protector
  • Tech Armor: Best HD Clear Tempered Glass Protector
  • IQ Shield: Best self-healing screen protector
  • Incipio: Best Privacy Shield protects you from prying eyes

OMOTON Tempered Glass Screen Protector

With its 5-layer protection and laser-precise cuts around the speakers and camera, the Omoton screen protector offers full protection. The multiple layers do not affect your viewing experience but offer higher transparency and HD clarity.

Omoton Tempered Glass has a 9H Hard Coating that maximizes resistance to scratches. Moreover, the materials used in the screen guard decrease oil smudges and retaining of fingerprints. Another equally important feature is its curved edge that gives a comfortable feel, which is much needed while swiping across the corners.

  • HD Clarity
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Highly Responsive
  • Compatible with Pro 7+, Pro 7, Pro 6 & Pro

Spigen Tempered Glass for Microsoft Surface Pro

Spigen comes loaded with everything your 2-in-1 laptop needs for a brand-new look. A rating of 9H Hardness makes it resistant to punctures, and its smooth finish decreases the friction as you swipe through the device. What’s more, is the presence of an Oleophobic Coating that ensures to keep fingerprints and oil marks away from your display. This helps the protector to offer brilliant brightness and clarity and excellent viewing experience. Apart from this, Spigen also has high touch-sensitivity and response for Surface Pen, thereby giving the original screen effect.

Lastly, the product comes with a lifetime warranty for replacements, which is the silver lining.

  • 9H Screen Hardness
  • Life-time Warranty by a Trusted Brand
  • 99% Screen Clarity and Smudge Resistant
  • Works with Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ as well as Pro 7, Pro 6 & Pro (5th Gen)

Megoo Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Megoo offers complete protection to your Surface Pro display. With its Super Hard 9H protective layer, the device is safe even after an accidental fall. Megoo’s impact-resistant and high response features give its users a great touch experience. Besides, the protective layer doesn’t leave behind any adhesive coating.

Further, the Oleophobic coating enables easy cleaning and avoids fingerprints and smudges on the screen. A higher variant of the Megoo screen protector is its HD clear and light-transmitting guard that offers an optimal viewing experience.

All of this, along with a lifetime warranty and excellent customer service, makes Megoo the right choice.

  • Top-Rated Brand on Amazon
  • Anti-Scratch & Smudge free Glass
  • 9H Hardness with Life-time Warranty
  • Available for Surface Pro, Pro 4, Pro 6, Pro 7, & Pro 7+

SPARIN Tempered Glass Screen Protector

SPARIN Tempered Glass is only 0.26 mm thick and allows 99% light transmittance and enable HD clarity. The tempered glass has been designed in such a way that it consists of a thin glass piece with an anti-shatter film coating. Therefore, in the eventuality of an accident, your Surface Pro 7 or 7+ screen is perfectly safe. Besides, the 9H hardness factor ensures that the device is resistant to both impact and scratches.

Moreover, you will find it easy to install and appreciate the bubble-free display. Other notable features include improved sensitivity and responsiveness to Surface Pen and touch inputs. It is also budget-friendly and comes with a lifetime warranty like many others.

  • 99% HD Retina Clarity
  • Compatible with Surface Pen
  • 9H Screen Hardness with 0.26 mm thickness
  • Available for Surface Pro 4, Pro (5th Gen), Pro 6, Pro 7, & Pro 7+

iCarez True Glass Pro for Surface Pro

iCarez guard comes with a lifetime warranty and a tempered glass that can resist drops, falls, and shocks. As for other damages and cracks, the risks faced while using this brand is comparatively less. Moreover, the anti-scratch properties offer a Hard 9H Coating that gives your Surface Pro a brand-new look.

With its ultra-thin 0.33 mm thickness, the guard doesn’t affect the touchscreen sensitivity. What is even better is that you will not notice any fingerprints or smudges on the screen. Thanks to the Oleophobic smudge-free coating, which keeps the surface bright and clean. Simply put, you can safely assume that iCarez Tempered Glass will provide the best buffer for your Surface Pro 7 Screen.

  • Affordable Glass Protector
  • Bubble free Easy Installation
  • 2.5D Round Edges with 0.33 thinkness
  • Compatible with Surface Pro 7+, Pro 7, Pro 6, Pro (2017), & Pro 4

Skinomi TechSkin TPU Film Screen Protector

Skinomi is a durable and ultra-thin military-grade film manufactured using thermoplastic urethane, which gives it a crystal-clear and fresh appearance with the HD clear viewing quality.

Made of durable material, the Skinomi full body protector is perfect for everyday use. It also has excellent resistance against scratches and UV lights. Further, the UV clear coating present in the film prevents it from yellowing. Above all, it is one of the best 360 protectors that protect the display screen and the body of the device.

  • Best Choice for Digital Artists and Creators
  • Optically tranparency and UV light protection
  • Flexible TPU material with self-healing property
  • Compatible with Microsoft Surface Pro 7+, Pro7, Pro 6 & Pro (5th Gen)

ArmorSuit Military Shield Anti-Glare/Anti-Fingerprint Matte Screen Protector

ArmorSuit is a flexible, thin coating protector that fits well onto your tablet. It uses military-grade TPU materials for excellent protection. The screen protector is easy to apply and gives complete coverage to the edges of the display. While talking about the screen, the ArmorSuit is resistant to smudges, dust, and fingerprints.

The anti-glare effect decreases glare and enhances visibility while working in bright areas. An additional layer of UV coating makes it resistant to yellowing. Moreover, the self-healing properties help it to recover naturally from minor damages and scratches.

  • Bubble free installation
  • Anti-Glare and Self-healing Technology
  • UV light resistant and full body protection
  • Available for Surface Pro 6 and 7

Tech Armor Surface Pro Screen Protector

Easy in terms of installation, the Tech Armor is the most accessible non-bubble display protector currently available in the market. Moreover, HD Clear Glass gives it a finish that is glossier than matte.

By using the enclosed tack strips, you can remove any residual lint or dust with ease. With the Tech Armor, you are sure to enjoy complete protection from falls and scratches due to high impact. It is also worth mentioning here that the product has a lifetime replacement warranty in effect.

  • Absorb heavy impacts & shocks
  • 0.3 mm thickness with 9H Rating
  • HD Clarity, Anti-Scratch, & bubble-free installation
  • Compatible with Microsoft Surface Pro 7, Pro 7+, Pro 6 & Pro (2017)

IQ Shield LIQuidSkin Full Coverage Film Screen Protector

IQ Shield has a protective film of 4 layers that are specially designed to fit perfectly well on your Surface Pro 7 or Pro 7+ display. Its precise cut-outs for sensors, cameras, and speakers offer complete coverage. Also, the low-key effect ensures no hindrance to your viewing experience.

Besides this, the durable and ultra-thin military-grade film ensures protection against damages. Combining the materials used here reduces friction and gives it a high touch experience, which offers a sleek surface that allows you to swipe freely while using your device. Another exciting feature of this brand is that its self-healing property enables the film to recover from small scratches and sunlight.

  • Anti-Bubble Protector Film
  • Easy Wet-Install Technology
  • Self-healing, Crystal Clear with Anti-UV light
  • Works with Surface Pro 4, Pro (5th Gen), Pro 6, Pro 7, and Pro 7+

Incipio PLEX Pro

Incipio is a trusted and well-known brand that has carved a name for its high-quality products. Offering static-free and bubble-free viewing experience. The Incipio Plex Pro also comes with an integrated scratch-proof coating that protects your device against falls and breaks.

Besides, each screen guard has a coating that keeps oily smudges and fingerprints off the display. The precise laser cuts near the camera sensor ensure that your video calls won’t get interfered with. Further, the privacy shield aspect keeps prying eyes at bay and prevent stealing confidential info.

  • Easy Anti-Bubble Installation
  • Smooth and Flawless Touch Accuracy
  • Privacy Protection from Wandering Eyes
  • Available for Surface Pro (2017), Pro 6 & Pro 7

Which Surface Pro 7 Screen Protector is Best?

Getting a screen protector for Surface Pro 7+ and Pro 7 is not an issue. However, selecting the one that best suits your needs may pose a confusion. If you consider our compiled list, then you will know for sure that these ten products are currently the best available in the market.

Nevertheless, if you ask us again, which among these ten, then we would suggest the Sparin Screen Protector or the Spigen Screen Guard. These two screen guards are hard to ignore mainly because of its quality and the lifetime replacement that the brand offers.

Hence, pick your best bet and stay protected rather than feeling sorry later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Screen Protector for Surface Pro 7?

The Surface Pro 7+ or Pro 7 is an expensive device. Accessories like screen guards, Cases, or Sleeves and Bags make a crucial role in protecting your Tablet. We recommend everyone to buy a tempered glass protector and protective case for Microsoft Surface Pro. These will protect your device screen and body from getting damage, smudges, scratches, or fingerprints.

What are the best Surface Pro 7 Screen Protectors for Drawing?

All the products in our list are from best brands and top-rated on Amazon. However, if you use Surface Pen a lot we suggest you to go for Plastic Film Protector. Since, most of the designers and artists use stylus lightly on screen a film protector is the best option. On the other hand, Tempered Glass need high pressure and these are not that much good with touch sensitivity we don’t recommend using it for drawing.

What are Privacy Screen Protectors?

The privacy screen protector blocks out the light, which makes it impossible to see the information at certain angle. As a result, your personal data is protected from wandering eyes around you.

These are the best choice for the employees working on the companies with sensitive data. If you regularly take your laptop or tablet to home or any other public place then you should have a privacy screen filter on it.

What is Anti-Glare Protector?

The Anti-Glare screen protector is very useful for people who regularly use their device at outdoor. Glare from direct light or the sun makes it difficult to read the information on the screen. However, using Anti-Glare Filter; you can reduce the the amount of glare on screen and makes it easier to read the information.

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