First Impress Review of Bixby Speaker – Samsung’s Biggest Failure

Samsung Bixby: Smart Assistant

We have incorporated Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa into our lives. This is why it’s no wonder Samsung wanted to jump on the bandwagon and have a smart voice assistant of its own. We had been hearing rumors that Samsung was working on a voice assistant for some time, and it has finally released their smart assistant speaker by the name Samsung Bixby Speaker. Some unconfirmed sources say that maybe Samsung is planning to change the name into Samsung Bixby Home.

All the higher-end Samsung phones are now coming with Samsung Smart Assistant named Bixby as well as the usual Google Assistant. For now, it is available on Samsung devices, but the company wants to expand so that it can use its assistant across the board.

Samsung Bixby is essentially an AI system, designed to make our interaction with smart devices a bit easier. The Galaxy S8 and Note 8 are the first devices to come with Bixby. The Samsung Ssmart Assistant has modified from time to time. The reason for the modification is to make it compatible with other Samsung products like the Samsung’s Smart TV’s and even fridges.

Samsung Bixby Smart Speaker

Like all other companies, Samsung decided it was high time it jumped on the digital assistant bandwagon. It released the Galaxy S8 and S8+ with a digital assistant of its own called Bixby. However, no matter how much we would like to say it was a fantastic invention, it was not, and it did quite severely when it came out. Samsung is still adamant to give us a better version in the form of a smart speaker in 2018, and we are pleased to hear that.

The company has been floating different details about the Bixby speaker, codenamed Project Vega, since last year. Samsung has been working on the sound quality so that managing house devices is relatively more accessible. We have heard that the device might cost around $200 or £150 in the UK. According to some rumors, the earlier versions of Bixby smart speakers would be somewhere between the Apple HomePod and Amazon Echo regarding size.

It has also announced that the speaker would be available in different colors. We have even heard that Samsung is considering producing a version that is similar to the Echo regarding its touchscreen.

First Impression of Samsung Smart Speaker known as Bixby Speaker

The smart speaker is going to be somewhat like Google Home and Apple HomePod, but Samsung has not decided on the final features yet. Samsung has stated that once it is fully functioning, the speaker would be able to answer our verbal requests and commands. Moreover, like other smart speakers, it would be able to play songs when the user requests them. However, there is a lot that is not known yet as the final list of features is not available to the public.

The Samsung Smart Assistant in smartphones is not as good as its competitors, even after some modifications. While it makes you look dumb by not understanding or obeying your commands, other smart assistants make you feel like you are in some sci-fi universe.

You can start the Samsung Smart Assistant by saying “Hey Bixby”. That seems quite easy, but once you start issuing commands, that is when it fails. With the Bixby speaker featuring the same smart assistant, we don’t have high hopes for it.

However, Samsung has placed a lot of trust in it. In fact, in mid-2017, it announced that it would be adding Bixby to its line of Family Hub 2.0 fridges. This would make it the first ever device, apart from a mobile phone, to have a virtual assistant.

What to Expect from a Smart Speaker or Smart Assistant?

A smart speaker, while just a speaker, can do more than play your music on your command. It can obey your commands and follow your requests with just your voice. It can even answer your verbal questions. Not only this, but it can also control some parts of your house with the built-in home assistant feature. This means that it is not just a source of information but also a home assistant.

Let us look at some of the things that you would expect a smart assistant to offer. Let me tell you, though, that not all Smart Speakers would have the same features. This is what makes them different and would compel you to prefer one over the other.


People already have so much junk in their house; do they need another item taking up a lot of space? The answer is a definite no. This is why you would want a smart speaker to be small and compact. The small size is necessary so that you can place the speaker anywhere, be it on a bookshelf or your bedside table. Furthermore, smart speakers are available in every shape and size so that you have a wide variety to choose from.


A smart speaker would only be complete if it connects you with all the other devices in your home and provides information from various sources. This is why the internet and Bluetooth are essential features, which are usually present in a smart speaker.

Voice Control

If it weren’t obvious enough, voice control is probably the most important. With voice control, you can control the speaker with just your voice. Thus, with just your voice, your Home Assistant can manage all your smart appliances.

What Does a Smart Speaker Do?

In the early days of the Smart Speaker, it was primarily a wireless audio playback device. It would use different connectivity options to offer extra features which enhance the speaker’s ease of use. Moreover, it could connect to various sources of audio.

Initially, such a speaker’s main feature was to deliver content from the user’s media library, irrespective of the type of audio or platform. It came with different qualities, designs, and features.

However, the definition of a smart speaker has now changed. It comes with a voice-activated assistant, which can efficiently operate the Home Automation Hub. It is usually a single unit speaker and comes with AI technology. Almost all big tech firms manufacture such AIs like Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa.

Samsung has announced its smart speaker as well, called the Bixby speaker, which would be coming out in 2018. You can now basically shout your commands, and the Smart Speaker would do the work for you.

You can ask a lot of things from your smart speaker. It can play the songs you want. You can even tell it that you wish to a timer set in your oven for 5 minutes, and it would do it for you. If the lights are too bright, it can dim the lights for you. If your room is too cold, it can turn up the heat for you. It would also be able to tell you the weather report or book you an Uber. You can even check the traffic status. You can create your to-do list with the help of this AI, or you can also ask it to tell you a joke.

However, the way a smart speaker works largely depend on the type of speaker you own. All Smart Speakers have different ways to work.

Is It Worth Buying the Samsung Bixby Speaker?

Let’s be honest! Samsung’s Bixby is a school kid right now in front of AIs like Alexa and Echo, which are business tycoons. It is in the initial stages of production and to be fair; it is a mess right now. If it had been any smaller company, we would not have been as shocked and outraged. We expected a lot more from the Samsung Bixby smart speaker.

However, with all the negativity, we need also to remember that AIs are at their initial stage right now and the other assistants make mistakes as well. While Samsung Smart Assistant makes more mistakes than usual, we think it might have potential after it has been adequately fixed. Furthermore, it comes out sometime in 2018, giving it enough time to sort out all the kinks. It will be available in different colors, including a blue Bixby speaker, which is cool because we won’t have to see only black, white and grey speakers.

We cannot call the Bixby smart speaker a complete failure as it can do a lot of things! Like go through your emails or prepare your Facebook and Twitter statuses when you command it to. However, we think that it would take some time to get Bixby to the perfection one would expect from a Samsung product.

We think that it might have been a rushed decision to pump out Bixby in the market. However, we also feel that Bixby does have the ability to get to the top. We should probably give Samsung the opportunity to work on it and improve it before we deem it a failed product. However, at the moment, the smart assistant has a lot of untapped potentials which is yet to be explored.

What is my Opinion about Bixby Smart Speaker?

If you are here and you are still reading this, I am so sorry :).

Yes, it is true that Samsung is working on a Smart Speaker but Samsung’s Smart Speaker is not released yet.
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